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A way to visualize and help prioritize risks, actions
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100% real, 100% anonymized, 100% scary
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The customer isn’t always right
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Consulting the FDA’s Case for Quality program

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For companies using TLS 1.3 while performing required audits on incoming internet traffic
Accelerates service and drives manufacturing profitability
Providing pipeline integrity with remote monitoring
Integrated energy services enhance customer experience
Empowers real-time remote monitoring and technical support
Latest features enhance complex BOM generation and customer experiences
New video in the NIST ‘Heroes’ series
A tool to help detect sinister email

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Autonomous metrology: Part 2

Video Information

We interviewed Jamie Fernandez, chief product officer for ETQ, and John Taylor, chief technology officer at ETQ, about the connection between quality management system software and autonomous metrology. How does integrating the two play into predictive quality and closed-loop manufacturing?

Filmed at the HxGN LIVE user conference in Las Vegas.

Hexagon Nexus: https://nexus.hexagon.com/