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inTEST Thermal Solutions


Thermonics Chillers Capable of Reaching –80°C

New family of ultra-low temperature, portable air- and water-cooled units

Published: Thursday, February 11, 2016 - 11:38

(Thermonics, Mansfield, MA) -- Thermonics, a new family of ultra-low temperature air- and water-cooled chillers, suitable for labs and plants, has been introduced by Thermonics Corp. These portable two-stage, cascade refrigeration chillers are capable of reaching –80°C. Recirculating heat-transfer fluids at precise temperatures, each model provides various cooling capacities to support a particular application, up to 2.5kW at –80°C.

Three models of each process chiller type—W-80 water-cooled and A-80 air-cooled series—are designed for reliability during 24/7 temperature control. Chillers are equipped with onboard diagnostics that help predict chiller health and avoid unexpected downtime. With a choice of water- or air-cooled condenser, the system easily integrates into the lab or production facility. Low-temperature applications are typical in aerospace, automotive, chemical, energy, and semiconductor markets.

An intuitive touchscreen interface allows for setup of thermal profiles, viewing data and trends, and logging diagnostics. Communications interfaces include Ethernet, RS232, and USB for remote chiller control.

For specifications visit Thermonics or contact the factory at tel. +1.781.688.2300.


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inTEST Thermal Solutions

inTEST Thermal Solutions specializes in the design and manufacture of thermal environments for electronics temperature testing and conditioning, and industrial process cooling. Thermal equipment includes temperature forcing systems, thermal chambers and platforms, and process chillers. inTEST is recognized for expertise on extreme thermal environments, -185°C to +500°C, and rapid transitions between desired temperatures. The inTEST Thermal family includes three temperature-related corporations: Sigma Systems, Temptronic, and Thermonics.