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QualityLogic Introduces Integration Test Services

New service addresses challenges of working with emerging smart grid standards

Published: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - 17:05

(QualityLogic: Simi Valley, CA) -- QualityLogic, a leading developer of interoperability test tools for the smart grid industry, is introducing independent integration consulting and testing services to help implement pilots, demonstrations, and full deployments that involve smart grid communications standards.

The Smart Energy industry has made great strides in establishing standards that enable communications interoperability in demand response, distributed energy resource (DER) integration, and distribution automation projects. Standards, such as OpenADR, IEEE 2030.5, IEC 61850, OpenFMB, etc., provide a common communications methodology for critical information needed by devices and systems to coordinate smart grid behaviors. These behaviors improve reliability, resilience, and security, and also provide flexibility to add new capabilities and vendors at minimal cost and time.

Beyond the selection of technology standards, utilities and implementers encounter challenges when using standards, including:
• Understanding how best to specify and benefit from a selected standard
• Training teams to develop, specify, acquire, and deploy products based on specific standards
• Assessing the maturity of various standards and products under consideration to avoid orphaned or obsolete implementations.
• Designing implementation test processes to ensure interoperability of products from multiple vendors

QualityLogic’s deep expertise in smart-grid standards derives from creating the test tools for development and certification of products based on these standards. The company is making this expertise available as a set of services to address the interoperability challenges of new smart-grid projects. QualityLogic is independent from project vendors, and acts as a neutral party to isolate and communicate interoperability issues to each of the parties involved, reducing disagreements about responsibility for fixing problems.

The integration service offerings include:
•Training workshops on specific standards and achieving interoperability to aid in understanding and implementing new communication protocols, such as IEEE 2030.5, OpenADR, IEC 61850, etc.
• Assessment of smart-grid standards and product maturity to ensure informed decisions about specifications, development, and implementation plans
• Development and execution of test and certification processes and procedures for pilot, demonstration, or production implementations, including test planning, test tool development, test execution, analysis, and reporting
• QualityLogic creation of custom test tools and platforms to accelerate testing and deployment

To find out more about Integration Test Services, contact QualityLogic.


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