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Q-Pulse 6.1 Turbocharges Document Management

Customers voted on upgrades to this quality, safety, and compliance management software

Published: Wednesday, December 16, 2015 - 18:31

(Ideagen: Reston, VA) -- Information management software vendor, Ideagen, has launched the latest version of its quality, safety, and compliance management product, Q-Pulse.

Q-Pulse 6.1 comes with a notable enhancement to the Document Management module that includes PDF conversion and tighter integration with Microsoft Office.

Among the new features are several customer-led enhancements that were well-received at the company’s recent annual user group event held in Birmingham’s Metropole in November 2015.

“We are delighted with the reception of this new release, and we are particularly pleased that our customer base is taking such an active part in shaping the product,” says Paul Callaghan, Ideagen’s Q-Pulse product manager.

Current Q-Pulse users voted for several of the new features via Ideagen’s customer portal. If you regularly work with documents in Q-Pulse, then you are simply going to love what’s in store with this latest release.

Some of document management enhancements in Q-Pulse 6.1 include the capability to allow users to convert key documents to PDFs, extending the reach of a document to colleagues that don’t have native Microsoft Office applications installed, such as Microsoft Word. The security of confidential or sensitive documents has also been increased through the ability to restrict features such as printing, file save, send, and copy text to PDF. There are smaller but significant changes including a Notifications Digest to ensure users are always aware of their actions in a single email distribution.

Q-Pulse 6.1 also comes with enhancements to its Asset Management and People and Training modules, including users being able to sign off training events using the software’s electronic signature capability.

For further information on Q-Pulse 6.1 or any of Ideagen’s products, visit www.ideagen.com.


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Ideagen develops quality, compliance, safety, risk, and information management software and provides services for organizations operating in regulated industries including healthcare, life sciences, manufacturning, finance, and transport.