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MasterControl’s MES Software Surpasses 150 Customers Worldwide

Modern manufacturing execution software is integral for companies looking to achieve digital maturity

Published: Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - 11:58

(MasterControl: Salt Lake City) -- MasterControl, a leading provider of quality management and next-generation manufacturing execution software, has announced a major milestone with more than 150 customers adopting Manufacturing Excellence, its modern manufacturing execution system (MES), demonstrating significant momentum with product sales and customer adoption.

As more companies are making the shift toward digital maturity, adding a modern MES with no-code process design, digital work instructions, electronic production records, and review by exception is quickly becoming a core element to meeting that objective. In Q3 2023 alone, MasterControl had 15 new customers go live with Manufacturing Excellence. That is an increase over the 12 new customers that went live with Manufacturing Excellence in Q2 2023.

Collectively, all MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence customers released nearly 90,000 batches of product in Q3 2023 in industries such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), vaccines, diagnostic kits, and single-use systems. All-time batches have surpassed 700,000. Across those production runs, companies have digitalized more than 110 million data captures and prevented more than 7 million good manufacturing practice (GMP) errors using MasterControl.

“Our goal is to help highly regulated manufacturers deliver high-quality products to market faster and more efficiently,” says Brian Curran, senior VP of Manufacturing Excellence Success. “MasterControl is proud to partner with our customers in their quest to accelerate the production process and have fewer errors.”

With MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapies, medical devices, nutritional supplements, personal care, and food and beverage products have realized significant operational and compliance improvements. Customers regularly eliminate 90% of data integrity errors, reduce deviations by more than 25%, and decrease batch review time by 75%.

Manufacturing Excellence is a leap forward in cloud-based, no-code MES for regulated industries. It delivers rapid digitalization and automation across process and discrete production, and can be integrated with other enterprise systems, such as ERP and LIMS, to deliver a completely paperless manufacturing process.

To learn more about MasterControl’s quality and manufacturing software, visit www.mastercontrol.com.


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