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Control Micro Systems


Laser Applications Lab Expands Its Capabilities

Diverse technologies address present and emerging manufacturing challenges

Published: Monday, January 25, 2016 - 16:42

(Control Micro Systems: Orlando, FL) -- Control Micro Systems Inc. recently expanded the capabilities of its laser applications lab to include shorter pulse widths, higher peak power, more wavelengths, and more diversified lasers.

The applications lab develops laser solutions for a wide variety of marking, welding, cutting, drilling, and material ablation applications. Successful laser processes include pharmaceutical tablet processing, thin-film conformal coating removal, semiconductor wafer processing and plastics welding, including breakthrough clear-on-clear welding without the use of additives. The lab has extensive expertise in plastics marking, UID compliance, and medical device marking for traceability.

The recent addition of a new femtosecond laser station develops emerging short pulse width material processing applications such as glass cutting and micromachining. Control Micro Systems has also expanded the lab capabilities to include CO2 laser power up to 500 watts, Ytterbium fiber laser up to 3Kw peak power, and a diverse range of pulsed solid-state lasers. A broad range of materials can be addressed with laser wavelengths ranging from the far-infrared (10,640 nm) through 2 micron and the visible spectrum to the UV wavelengths (355 nm and 266 nm).

Lab services are offered at no charge to qualified prospective users of the companies’ laser material processing systems.


About The Author

Control Micro Systems

Control Micro Systems is a leading supplier of laser machine tools for marking, engraving, cutting, drilling and welding applications. CMS has been providing full turnkey systems to global electronic device, semiconductor, commercial, automotive, aerospace and medical device markets for over 33 years.