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Introducing Smart Shop Floor App With Exact for Manufacturing

Creates real-time, accurate communication between front and back offices

Published: Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - 16:55

(Exact: Bloomington, MN) -- Exact, developer of business software in the cloud for small- and medium-sized businesses, has introduced the Smart Shop Floor app for Exact for Manufacturing, a cloud-based application for factory operators and workers to efficiently retrieve job data, track time and materials, and record job progress within Exact for Manufacturing. The Smart Shop Floor app breaks down the physical and virtual barriers of a manufacturing business, creating constant, clear communication between all employees from the back office to the shop floor.

Exact's cloud-based manufacturing solution equips manufacturers with a powerful tool that combines real-time financial data with other core business functions, providing a holistic view of their business and allowing them to make strategic decisions in real time. It provides “back office” employees, i.e., planners, purchasers and accountants, with detailed insight to make calculations and analyze order information that empowers them to streamline business operations.

With the addition of the Smart Shop Floor app, factory operators and workers can now input and access real-time job data as well, eliminating the need to distribute shop orders via paper, and giving everyone a single view into the most up-to-date information. With the touch of a button, operators can clock their time on a shop order, providing accurate and progress data back to the office. Additionally, Smart Shop Floor is designed for portable use on a tablet or smartphone, eliminating the need to use desktop or laptop computers in the factory, saving time, space, and money.

Key benefits of Smart Shop Floor with Exact for Manufacturing include:
• Creates steady stream of accurate communication between the front and back offices
• Allows employees to track costs and materials in real time to ensure that inventory is kept accurate and up to date
• Eliminates confusion between employees and reduces product order delays
• Provides access to shop floor workers to instantly view and use the information that is most relevant to them
• Creates a completely online environment, eliminating the need for paper orders, which can get lost or damaged on the shop floor

“Manufacturers often struggle with bridging the gap between the shop floor and the back office, leading to miscommunication, lost orders, and inaccurate job costs,” says Logan Paquin, director of product management at Exact. “Combining Smart Shop Floor with Exact for Manufacturing provides shop floor workers and operators with a holistic view into all business operations, which increases accuracy, saves times and ultimately reduces IT spend across the board.”

Smart Shop Floor is available now to Exact for Manufacturing customers for an additional $15 per unit per month. For more information or to add to your existing subscription, visit www.exact.com/us/ or call (855) 359–9256.


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Exact builds business software for small business manufacturers, wholesalers, and project-based organizations and their accountants. Its software is 100-percent cloud and streamlines manual tasks, combining accounting and customer relationship management. Its 1,600 employees serve 300,000 businesses in more than 15 countries.