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Grind, Mill, and Polish Hard-to-Reach Places

SUHNER pneumatic tool extensions bend beyond inaccessability

Published: Monday, March 7, 2016 - 16:08

(SUHNER: Rome, GA) -- With a redesigned pneumatic drive, the LRC 20 from SUHNER now offers a set of hand tools that can grind, mill, and polish places that previously could be accessed only with great difficulty (e.g., leading edges and corners of impellers, insides of narrow pipes). This new drive unit offers users a variety of benefits in production, maintenance, and general shop operations.

Pneumatic drive for the highest demands

The LRC 20 provides 20,000 rpm for user handwork. At the same time, it’s extremely slender and maneuverable and fulfils all safety, ergonomic, and energy efficiency requirements in industry. It’s also very quiet; even under full load, the sound pressure level is only 69.5 dB.

A centrifugal governor regulates the speed to such precision that it saves an average of 20 percent of the compressed air needed for conventional air tool technologies. The exhaust air is directed backward, protecting the work surface from lubricating oil, and reducing noise levels even further.

Inaccessibility is a thing of the past

The system is offered with matching extensions that can be attached to the machine for each application. Only 13 mm in diameter, the extension elements are very thin. They are powered by a long-life flexible shaft.

The user can choose from 125, 250, 500, 1,000 and 1,500 mm lengths. With a handle, the extension elements can be fitted directly onto the LRC 20 drive unit.

An extension you can bend

The extension elements are unique in that they can be bent through 45° to reach the deep pockets and corners on workpieces.

If you are seeking customized solutions, a SUHNER grinding professional will go to your location and offer onsite advice on the right combination of machine, abrasive, and application know-how.

For further information, visit www.suhner.com.

New SUHNER LRC 20 pneumatic air tools offer high performance in very tight spaces on a variety of workpieces.


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For more than 100 years the SUHNER Group of companies has developed ideas and solutions to create state-of-the-art industrial products and manufacturing processes. SUHNER business units are abrasive, automation, transmission, and stamping. Its products and services include surface machining, drilling, tapping, milling, power transmission units, loading and unloading systems for CNC machines, modernization of machines and controllers, and manufacture of electric and pneumatic tools.