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Bantam Tools Introduces Turnkey Solutions

Making designs a physical reality with the know-how to make more

Published: Wednesday, July 6, 2022 - 11:59

(Bantam Tools: Peekskill, NY) -- Desktop CNC manufacturer Bantam Tools has launched its “Turnkey Solutions,” a CNC service that gives designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs a proven process to turn designs into physical parts. Bantam Tools engineers will develop a process for machining parts using the Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine, then provide the know-how directly to customers so they can then make those parts on their own. The goal is to empower users to mill parts with confidence.

“Our engineers build a bridge to help designers and engineers learn how to machine parts on our Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine,” says Ron Lorentzen, Bantam Tools general manager. “This helps parts survive the journey across the challenges and chasms of DFM, CAM, filtering, speeds and feeds, and tooling.”

The Turnkey Solutions service gives designers, engineers and companies a shortcut for figuring out a process to mill on a CNC machine. Depending on the parts a client needs, Bantam Tools will deliver items, such as:
• Work instructions for how to set up and run your job
• Fusion 360 file with vetted CAD model and CAM toolpaths
• BTP file that saves the job setup in the Bantam Tools software
• G-code files that were exported from the Fusion 360 file
• Expertly engineered custom fixturing (either designs or fabricated)
• The finished part(s)
• A list of suggested machine tooling and accessories used to mill the part

“We’ve had customers get really excited about the Turnkey Solutions,” says Lorentzen. “There are a lot of companies out there who are needing to bring prototyping in-house, and they need aluminum parts but aren’t quite sure how to go about designing for and using a CNC milling machine. We can help remove those pain points and give customers the know-how to succeed.”

To learn more about Bantam Tools Turnkey Solutions and submit a project to Bantam Tools’ team of engineers, visit bantamtools.com/bantam-tools-solutions

About Bantam Tools

Bantam Tools builds precise, reliable desktop CNC machines to support world-changers and skill-builders. The machines are easy to set up and are ready to use right out of the box. Like their namesake—the bantam rooster—they punch above their weight to help mechanical engineers, product designers, entrepreneurs, electrical engineers, machinists, designers, students, educators, and digital fabricators stay ahead of schedule and under budget. Visit bantamtools.com or follow on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook at @bantamtools, or on Medium @CNC-Life.


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