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168 Manufacturing Debuts Automated Coolant Delivery System

Monitors and replenishes all CNC machine sumps with optimized top-off ratios

Published: Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 11:00

(168 Manufacturing: Brainerd, MN) -- In mid-September, 168 Manufacturing, a developer of CNC machine shop automation technologies, debuted its FullShop Automated Coolant Management System at the International Manufacturing Technology Show at McCormick Center in Chicago.

FullShop systems, which include the flagship FS120 and newer FS40 series, monitor and replenish all CNC machine sumps with optimized top-off ratios before the coolant runs low. The systems comprise a centralized pumping station, controller, distribution manifolds, and level sensor that drops into the machine tool sump.

In addition, each machine is compatible with a coolant health app that enables users to collect, visualize, and track coolant parameters from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop for real-time visual notifications and displaying trends over time. In addition to its compatibility with FullShop systems, the app is available as stand-alone software.

168 Manufacturing is a brand of Precision Tool Technologies, an advanced manufacturing company headquartered in Brainerd, Minnesota. To learn more, visit  www.168mfg.com.

The FS120 model can automate shops with 15 to 120 CNC machines, delivering up to 5,760 gallons of coolant per day.


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