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ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions


ZEISS Integrates Additional Measurement Analysis With New Detectors

NEX series tools offer the highest accuracy in their class

Published: Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 12:13

(ZEISS: Maple Grove, MN) -- The NEX series of instruments from ZEISS Industrial Metrology integrate additional measurement analysis with new detectors. SURFCOM NEX 100 offers a single hybrid detector to measure surface texture and contour at the same time. RONDCOM NEX Rs offers best-in-class spindle accuracy and allows optional surface roughness measurements in the horizontal, vertical, and radial axes.

Pair your preferred surface texture and contour detectors with SURFCOM NEX 100

SURFCOM NEX 100 offers the highest accuracy in its class for roughness and contour measurements. Its ability to analyze roughness and contour in one run enhances measuring efficiency. Choose from multiple contour and roughness sensors to fit your application. The high-speed and low-vibration linear drive unit delivers long-term stable movement for the highest measurement accuracy. This patented dual detector offers single data gathering at nano-level measurement resolution for roughness and contour profiling. The hybrid detector is also available for those interested in upgrading their existing linear surface systems from ZEISS.

SURFCOM NEX series has dedicated detectors with expanded contour range (60 mm) and highest fidelity (0.1 nm resolution min.) for surface roughness. New features include a 30-percent larger standard granite table over existing machines, expanded to 133 mm with T-slots for ease of part staging. Additional benefits of SURFCOM NEX include an improved detector safety mechanism, quick-change magnetic contour arms that don’t require requalification, optional T-stylus probing for up-and-downward tracing, automatic stylus force (NEX 040), and a temperature correction function for assured accuracy within 20ºC ±5º.

The use of SURFCOM NEX is particularly beneficial for companies in the automotive, engineering, toolmaking, and medical technology industries where small and mid-sized precision parts such as nozzles, punching tools, rails for diesel engines, and injector bodies are manufactured in large quantities.

RONDCOM NEX Rs for roundness and roughness

RONDCOM NEX Rs offers best-in-class spindle accuracy and allows optional surface roughness measurements in the horizontal, vertical, and radial axes. The offset detector holder allows various workpieces to be measured easily without interference from the R-axis arm. Measuring can be switched between outside diameter and top flatness simply by tilting the detector holder.

RONDCOM NEX series offers a larger table top (235 mm) available with manual or auto tilt centering for fast and accurate part setup with rotation up to 20 rpm. New features include a full-cover base and column to reduce environmental influences during the measurement cycle. Maximum performance is possible with the improved accuracy, low noise, and vibration air spindle design, combined with a stainless steel table and expanded centering range (±5 mm). The Z-axis column incorporates a linear scale for more precision positioning. Automatic column guideway lubrication assures years of maintenance-free operation. The light-weight, ceramic R axis with greater stiffness and a linear scale optimizes radial linear measurements for Z-axis straightness on tapered surfaces, spiral cylindricity, and opposing diameter measurements.

There is also an option to measure periodic and fine-twist structures of cylindrical shafts. This “lead twist” software extension evaluates by visualization and quantifying the twist surface structure created by the grinding feed process.

Detector positioning for inside diameters and outside diameters (ID/OD) measurements; top, under, and tapered surfaces measurements; and others can be controlled automatically. The same detector can also be used with all standard-type roundness instruments from ZEISS, and is also available with upgrades that reduce maintenance costs by having the same sensor.

The RONDOM NEX system is an excellent solution for all geometric form-analysis requirements that may be required by the demands of quality assurance. Both systems are powered by the ACCTee PRO suite of surface and form measuring application software. Based on the “All in the Document!” file creation format, one file structure handles the measurement and analysis conditions, data point sets, CNC part programming, and reporting. ACCTee PRO is Windows 7-based and provides the operator with an intuitive user interface to complete her inspection plans in the most logical and concise method.


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