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Resolve CMM productivity issues with MetraSCAN-R BLACK|Elite, CUBE-R 3D, and digital twin environment software
Videos address common topics related to surface specification, measurement, and interpretation, in five minutes or less
Scan 99% of parts without touching the scanner exposure
New AVX550 system combines best features of vision and touch-probe inspection
Scan was used to create 80% to-scale 3D-printed replica
Quickly captured complex geometries resulting in optimally designed roof racks and greatly accelerated completion time
Designed for scientists, engineers, technicians working in medical devices, automotive, aerospace, and other fields
New line of micrometers are easy to use, have enhanced features and performance, competitively priced
REVO 2 features 1-meter cubed capacity and automation options

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Productivity Press


The Workforce Engagement Equation

A practitioner’s guide to creating and sustaining high performance

Published: Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 09:25

(Productivity Press: Boca Raton, FL) -- The Workforce Engagement Equation, by Jamison J. Manion (Productivity Press, 2012) is for hands-on leaders engaged in effecting change. Describing the science behind the “art of managing” process improvement, it will help you bridge the gap between strategy and tactics, and allow you to take concrete action to control ongoing operations sustainably.

Manion’s methods in leading and managing the people side of process improvement have proven effective in diverse industries of all sizes and missions, including both light and heavy manufacturing, energy and utilities, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, military and government agencies, consumer products, and nonprofit agencies. He explains complex technical concepts, human factors and motivation, and business solutions with contextual examples that transcend theory, making them applicable in today’s complex and rapidly changing organizations. His passion for helping organizations bolster job security through aligned systems and improved organizational performance shines throughout The Workforce Engagement Equation.

The book demystifies the complexity of organizational change with easy-to-understand explanations, intuitive graphics, and real-world examples. Filled with helpful practical knowledge, such as “The Seven Cardinal Sins of Change Leadership,” it will help you assess exactly where your organization is along the change continuum. The book presents methods that can be applied to any organization. Included is a CD with each assessment, form, template, and example project plan contained in the book.


• Presents methods that can be applied in any organization and situation
• Supplies guidance on how to build systems and implement performance metrics
• Offers solutions to real-world problems
• Integrates powerful concepts from multiple disciplines
• Provides guidance to build systems and implement performance metrics
• Offers solutions to real-world problems
• Combines key concepts from multiple disciplines


The book parts are:
The Great Seattle Fire: An Analogy for Our Times
Stage 1—Forming: Preparing for the Voyage and Assembling the Crew
Stage 2—Focusing: Establishing the Ship’s Routine
Stage 3—Committing: Building Speed
Putting It All Together

For the complete Table of Contents, click here.

About Jamison J. Manion

Combining relentless drive for improvement with a real-world perspective, Jamison J. Manion brings a hands-on approach to leadership, management, and organizational design. Working on the front line of organizations in dozens of locations domestically and abroad, Manion gained a unique background in operations, maintenance, and human resources that he fuses together into a holistic approach to organizational development. He has a proven track record leading organizational change and process improvement that he communicates with a rare blend of expertise and humor.


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