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VXintegrity Software Platform: Surface Damage Assessment Modernized

Complete NDT solution measures thickness loss on corroded, industrial, complex geometry

Published: Monday, November 21, 2022 - 12:00

(Creaform: Lévis, QC, Canada) -- Creaform, a business unit of AMETEK and worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, has released VXintegrity, the ultimate 3D scanning solution for surface damage assessment. Designed specifically to respond to the challenges facing industrial assets owners and NDT service companies, this new software platform contains four different modules intended to tackle any surface analyses as well as simple metrology applications.

Making it possible to measure up to 80 times faster than manual measuring tools, the new VXintegrity software platformcombined with Creaform’s 3D scanners—represents the optimal solution to the current shortage of experienced technicians and aging and/or damaged infrastructures. This user-independent technology also requires little training and few certifications, which means that technicians can be up and running faster than with other techniques.

Additionally, this complete NDT solution gives industrial assets owners confidence in the evaluation results to make the best maintenance decisions with the best available data, as it can accurately measure thickness loss on corroded, industrial, complex geometry such as elbows, nozzles, pressure vessel heads, tank floors, and valves. This software platform makes a complete analysis of all types of surfaces possible.

The VXintegrity software platform regroups four different application software modules dedicated and optimized for specific industries’ challenges:

1. Pipeline module (also known as Pipecheck): The safest NDT solutions for pipeline integrity assessment, this module is designed to provide corrosion, denting (mechanical damage), and wrinkle analyses.
2. Aerospace module (also known as SmartDENT 3D): Ideal for the aerospace industry and for MRO companies, this versatile 3D scanning solution offers unmatched speed, ease of use, reliability, and repeatability. Hail-damage inspection, flap and spoiler maintenance, aircraft incidents analyses, and regulatory scheduled maintenance, this module can do it all.
3. Surface damage module: Specifically created with power generation and heavy industry owners in mind, this module represents the only accurate and traceable NDT method to assess surface damage on complex geometries of all shapes, size, and materials.
4. Monitoring module: Guaranteed to the micron, this monitoring solution is an extremely accurate and noiseless NDT method used to compare damage progression through time, deformation analyses, and other simple metrology applications. With its impressive report capabilities, this module is the best way to ensure the integrity and safety of any infrastructure.

“The metrology-grade 3D data generated through this software platform can precisely identify small thickness variation between inspections to compare damage progression through time, making it the best, and only, technique sensitive enough to do so on the market,” says François Lachance, product manager at Creaform. “In addition, these four industry-optimized modules are sure to open up new business opportunities for NDT service providers.”


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