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Vision Engineering Ltd.


Vision Engineering Expands LVC Video Measurement System With New Models, Higher Specifications

Ideal for measuring large components or multiple small components, quickly, easily, and accurately

Published: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 - 12:00

(Vision Engineering: New Milford, CT) -- Vision Engineering broadens its range of popular ‘LVC’ automated video measurement systems with the addition of LVC200 and higher specification “Plus” variants.

Ideal for measuring large components or multiple small components, quickly, easily, and accurately, the LVC range offers faster measurement, high-accuracy levels, and benefits from Vision Engineering’s consistent focus on ease of use for all its products.

The LVC range offers a choice of measuring capacities and fully automated movement in all three axes, making component measurement faster. Nonstop measurement routines are possible through programs that can have magnification changes built in.

Additionally, multiple components can be loaded onto the stage and measured easily and automatically in a single program. The system is pre-programmable or can be joystick driven for quick, one off measurements.

Highly accurate

The LVC series now features 5MP or 6.4MP cameras, granite and aluminum bases for extra stability and precision stage, 6.5:1 or 12:1 motorized zoom, and is the most advanced measuring system to date from Vision Engineering. LVC supports the use of a touch probe in all three axes, for a wide range of industrial measurement applications, including precision machining, casting, plastic molding, electronics, and medical devices.

Easy to use

LVC is supplied with highly intuitive M3 software. This offers a rich suite of measurement functions, maintaining the ease of use that Vision Engineering is well known for. M3’s key features include advanced video edge detection, easy reporting and data export, DXF overlays and profile fitting, with a thread measurement option.

Vision Engineering’s customers report that LVC is ideal for acquiring fast, accurate measurements and can easily be used by nonspecialists.

“We are excited to expand the LVC Series to give users more system options to suit their unique application needs,” says Richard Nagel, Vision Engineering’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Vision Engineering is known across the world for manufacturing high-quality optical and digital inspection systems. Our commitment to quality and product development extends across our complete product range.”


• LVC200 and LVC200+ offers a 8 in. × 6 in. × 8 in. stage.
• LVC400 offers a 16 in. × 12 in. × 8 in. stage.
• Supplied M3 software maintains ease of use and intuitive operation.
• Plus models additionally offer: 6.4MP cameras, 12:1 motorized zoom objective for a broader magnification range, and up to 700X magnification range.
• Increased field of view with Plus version for even faster measurement
• Touch probe and probe changer compatible
• Competitively priced

Visit www.visioneng.us for more information.


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Vision Engineering is a global leading-edge manufacturer of patented ergonomic stereo microscopes, digital microscopes, and noncontact measuring systems.Twenty-five years ago, Vision Engineering introduced the world’s first “eyepiece-less” stereo microscope, the Mantis. It was an ergonomic revolution that went on to win numerous design and innovation awards. Company headquarters are based in Send, Woking, UK, with manufacturing facilities in the UK and U.S. Regional offices are located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.