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Loretta Marie Perera
3D scanning and printing an impossible-to-find, 100-year-old distributor cap
NVision Inc.
Laser scans of large and small surfaces performed in just three days
Douglas Allen
Removing the random noise component from the observation, leaving the signal component
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Liquid metal jetting is highly stable and repeatable, but extremely challenging to model
Loretta Marie Perera
Hexagon’s laser tracker technology played a key role in rebuilding a lost classic of British railway design

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An advanced wireless data collection system for acquiring precision measurement data
All of the manufacturer’s X-ray sources are supported including rotating target technology and 450kV microfocus source
Ideal for measuring large components or multiple small components, quickly, easily, and accurately
Measure workpieces from 25 mm to 42.5 mm with a measuring range of ±100 µm and a repeatability of ≤0.1 µm
Contactless gauging system for measuring steel wire for tires, copper wire for electrical cables, CO2 welding wire, and more
Resolve CMM productivity issues with MetraSCAN-R BLACK|Elite, CUBE-R 3D, and digital twin environment software
Videos address common topics related to surface specification, measurement, and interpretation, in five minutes or less
Scan 99% of parts without touching the scanner exposure

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View and Test the Latest Products from Olympus at SEMICON West

July 14–16, 2015, in San Francisco

Published: Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - 12:48

(Olympus: Center Valley, PA) -- Olympus, a global technology leader in industrial imaging solutions, will have its experts available for product demonstrations at SEMICON West, taking place July 14–16, 2015, in San Francisco.

The Olympus booth (No. 6040) will be exhibiting the LEXT OLS4100, the DSX510, and the MX Series (MX61L).

The LEXT OLS4100 laser confocal microscope system is designed to deliver nanometer-level imaging, accurate 3D measurement, and outstanding surface roughness analysis. The OLS4100 features new auto brightness and high-speed stitching modes.

Through a unique combination of time-tested Olympus optics and today’s newest digital imaging technology, the Olympus DSX510 digital microscope system allows even first-time users to immediately produce superior images and highly reliable results. The DSX510 delivers efficient observation, simple image capture, extremely accurate measurement, and easy sharing of results.

OLYMPUS LEXT OLS4100 laser confocal microscope

The MX61L inspection microscope is designed for large samples such as semiconductor wafers up to 300 mm or flat-panel displays up to 17 in. Using a clutch-driven manual XY stage, an operator can move within 356 mm x 305 mm at reflected illumination, and 356 mm x 284 mm at transmitted illumination. The MX61L makes industrial inspection easier, quicker, and more efficient.


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Olympus is a precision technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions and breakthrough technology in product design and functionality in its core business areas: cameras and audio products, industrial measurement and imaging instruments, life science imaging systems, and medical and surgical products. Olympus also serves health care and commercial laboratory markets with financial, educational, and consulting services. Olympus NDT Inc., located in Waltham, Massachusetts, is the U.S. marketing, manufacturing, and sales headquarters for ultrasonic and eddy current testing instruments.