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L.S. Starrett Co.


Starrett Expands Horizontal Travel on Popular Benchtop Optical Comparator

Features a 16-in. diameter screen, 16-in. horizontal travel, 6-in. Y-vertical travel, 2-in. focus travel, and 110-lb load capacity

Published: Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 12:00

(The L.S. Starrett Company: Athol, MA) -- The L.S. Starrett Company, a global manufacturer of precision hand tools and gages, metrology systems and more, has recently expanded the horizontal X-axis travel on its HB400 Benchtop Optical Comparator from 12 in. to 16 in. (300 mm to 400 mm), providing users the versatility to measure larger parts on its work stage.

Available with optical edge detection, the HB400 benchtop model is a workhorse of the broad line of Starrett comparators, providing performance levels previously only available with floor-standing machines. “Customers will surely welcome this enhancement, as the HB400 now has the longest standard X-axis travel of its comparator class in the industry,” says Mark Arenal, general manager, Starrett Kinemetric Engineering Inc.

The Starrett HB400 optical comparator features a large 16 in. (400 mm) diameter viewing screen, the new 16 in. (400 mm) horizontal travel, a six in. (150 mm) Y-vertical travel, a two in. (50 mm) focus travel, and a 110 lb (49.9 kg) work-stage load capacity. The HB400 also has rugged all-metal construction with a hard-anodized stage tooling plate, LED profile, and surface lighting rated to 50,000 hours, and touchscreen operation. Featuring a linear encoder glass scale on both X and Y axes and digital protractor for angle measurement of one ft resolution via Q-axis readout, the HB400 is exceptionally accurate and reliable.

The Starrett HB400 has a single bayonet-style lens mounting system that accepts a choice of six fixed interchangeable lenses, as well as OV2 zoom or TOV2 fixed-telecentric magnification video camera systems. The HB400 is available with MetLogix M1 tablet, M2, or M3 measuring software (when using OV2 and TOV2) PC, or digital readout systems. Click here for more information on the HB400.


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L.S. Starrett Co.

The L.S. Starrett Co., founded in 1880, manufactures more than 5,000 variations of precision tools, gauges, measuring instruments, and saw blades for industrial, professional, and consumer markets worldwide. Starrett, a company that has set the standard for fine precision tools in industry for more than 123 years, has rightfully earned the title “World’s Greatest Toolmakers.”