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Starrett Automated Metrology and Force Measurement Inspection Solutions to Be Featured at ATX West

February 7–9, 2023, Booth 4171, Anaheim Convention Center

Published: Wednesday, January 11, 2023 - 11:59

(L.S. Starrett Co.: Athol, MA) -- L.S. Starrett Co., a leading global manufacturer of precision metrology systems, measuring tools and gauges, and more, has announced it will be featuring the automated inspection capabilities of its metrology and force measurement systems at ATX West, an Informa Advanced Manufacturing show co-located with MD&M West, WestPack, D&M West, and Plastec West, from February 7–9, 2023, in Booth 4171 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Starrett video-based measurement systems combine high-resolution images, powerful intuitive software, and precision mechanical platforms to deliver superb accuracy and repeatable measurement results. Automatic edge detection or video edge detection removes operator subjectivity in locating edges of parts being measured, enabling go/no-go comparisons to an engineering design, with no need for Mylar overlays. This dramatically increases measurement throughput while eliminating operator subjectivity.

Starrett will demonstrate pattern recognition and automated inspection on several metrology systems at ATX West including:

Recently enhanced AVR300 Multi-Sensor Vision System, featuring the largest field of view (FOV) to date for Starrett and ideal for repetitive measurements and automatic comparison to CAD files

HDV Horizontal Digital Video Comparator, which combines the best features of vision and optical comparator technology

HD400 Horizontal Dual Lens Comparator offering a two-lens mount, enabling instant switching between two magnification lenses or video camera adapter

Starrett will also showcase its Force Testing Systems, highlighting the flexible architecture that enables the range of Starrett force and material testing software programs to be compatible with its different test frames. At ATX West, Starrett will demonstrate its FMS Series test frame measuring the force to draw fluid in and out of a syringe. This application uses Starrett L2Plus software to capture peak and average load.

Also, featured will be the Starrett FMM Computer-Based Force Testing Solution, which is compact and ideal for high volume, lean manufacturing production. Starrett L1 software, ideal for quality control and incoming inspection, and engineered to meet the requirements for fast, efficient, high-volume production testing, will be demonstrated on the FMM frame. A wide variety of testing methods, including load limit, distance, breaking limit, cyclic count, cyclic duration, constant load, and constant distance can be performed.

Starrett DFC will also feature digital handheld force gauges. The DFC Series is a revolutionary concept for force measurement via a handheld force gauge. The DFC may be used as an advanced digital force gauge and controller with Starrett FMM Force Testers, and can serve as a universal interface where the user tests and can configure load limits, distance limits, break limits, crosshead travel direction, crosshead speed, and more.

For more information on Starrett metrology and force systems, visit www.starrettmetrology.com.


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