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Marlon Walker
Collaborative robots are already working in close proximity with humans on the shop floor
MIT News
System uses RFID tags to home in on targets; could benefit robotic manufacturing, collaborative drones
Tamper-proof data transmission, traceability of data to all participants in the production process
David L. Chandler
New system of ‘strain engineering’ can change a material’s optical, electrical, and thermal properties

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Metrology News
Diamond styli are an excellent choice for demanding applications
Two key configurations: UH4250 Hardness Scale 0.5-250 kgf and UH4750 Hardness Scale 3-750 kgf
Detects challenging targets with a range up to 2 meters
Control machine performance by detecting manufacturing faults as well as part or tool variations
Low power consumption, solid performance for wide range of applications
New S1 systems offer high volume production testing of compression and extension springs
S-T optical equipment owners encouraged to register their equipment with Dorsey Metrology
They’re spring-loaded AC LVDTs ideal for roundness measurements, automotive testing and materials testing
Works with Marposs LVDT/HVT manual gauges

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Starrett Acquires Kinemetric Engineering LLC

Published: Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - 22:00

(Starrett: Athol, Massachusetts) -- The L. S. Starrett Co., a producer of precision measuring instruments, has acquired Kinemetric Engineering LLC for $2.3 million.Based in Laguna Hills, California, Kinemetric Engineering specializes in precision video-based metrology, specialty motion devices, and custom-engineered systems for measurement and inspection. A long-time technical partner of Starrett, Kinemetric Engineering has a wealth of experience, engineering, and manufacturing capability. The new entity will also oversee the sales and support of Starrett’s optical projectors.

“This acquisition brings new managerial and engineering talent to the company and expands our strategic focus to provide custom-engineered solutions for industry. It will enable us to fully engage our sales and distribution network with a broad product offering backed by The L. S. Starrett Co. and effectively administered by our new team. We are excited to be able to grow our presence in this dynamic market segment,” comments Doug Starrett, president and CEO of the L. S. Starrett Co.

For more information, visit  www.starrett.com/pages/1278_starrett_acquires_kinemetric_engineering_llc.cfm.


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