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Radiant to Present First Complete Visual Inspection Solution for Illuminated Symbols

At Vision Spectra Conference, July 19, from 7:30–8:00 a.m. EDT

Published: Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 12:01

(Radiant Vision Systems: Redmond, WA) -- Radiant Vision Systems, a leading provider of automated visual inspection solutions for illuminated components, announced that it will give a presentation at the 2022 Vision Spectra Conference—a free virtual conference gathering leaders in machine vision to present a range of educational sessions over three days from July 19-21, 2022. Inspection experts from Radiant, Matt Scholz and Chris Williamson, will kick off the conference with the presentation “The Ultimate Vision System for Backlit Components: Light, Color, and Defect Detection in One,” broadcast on Tuesday, July 19, from 7:30–8:00 A.M. EDT (1:30–2:00 P.M. Central European Summer Time). Registrants will be able to access this and all other presentations throughout the online event and afterward on demand, as well as join Q&A sessions hosted by conference speakers. 

Vision Spectra, a Photonics Media title, is a source of content geared especially for the machine vision community. The title features rich content from real-world case studies of vision in action as well as comprehensive feature articles and columns from experts in the field. The Vision Spectra Conference brings more than 30 speakers from leading organizations in machine vision worldwide to present new technology and ideas that are transforming the industry. Conference tracks include Inspection & AI, Warehouse & Logistics, Vision-Guided Robotics, Components, and Cameras & Sensors.

Part of the Inspection & AI track, Radiant’s presentation “The Ultimate Vision System for Backlit Components: Light, Color, and Defect Detection in One” will address a unique inspection challenge where both photometric properties and dimensional defects equally influence the quality of a component. From automotive panels and avionics to LED-illuminated controls and accents, backlit components must be inspected to ensure accurate brightness, color, uniformity, size, position, and completeness. Traditionally, inspecting all qualities of a backlit component has required either costly custom solutions or a combination of systems, one optimized for light measurement and the other for dimensional and completeness inspection.

“Photometric systems such as colorimeters, photometers, and spectrometers are engineered to provide highly accurate, scientific measurements of light according to how the human eye perceives it,” explains presenter and Radiant sales director, Matt Scholz. “Radiant Vision Systems has specialized in these kinds of light measurement systems for over 30 years. Historically, the number and variety of symbols in backlit components has posed a challenge for photometric systems to perform effective measurement." 

Of course, this requires a complete and thorough assessment of the region's color, brightness and uniformity in order to accurately measure. 

"This registration also provides a template for visual inspection systems to use to detect inaccurate or incomplete areas of the region, caused by either defective etch of the symbol or improper illumination. The most efficient solution adds advanced registration capability to a photometric measurement platform to enable complete inspection of backlit areas by a single vision system," Scholz explains. "No such system has existed until now—so Radiant is very excited to demonstrate our solution’s capabilities.”

Leading Radiant’s presentation are Scholz and sales manager Chris Williamson. With more than 10 years of experience working in metrology applications, Scholz has a fundamental understanding of the growing challenges in industries from automotive to electronics, including increased performance and quality control for displays, lighting, and illuminated components. Scholz leads a strategic group of sales professionals to support automated visual inspection projects worldwide from development to deployment. On Scholz’s team, Williamson works across application and product groups toward the implementation of solutions that meet unique challenges in display and light measurement. He has traveled throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, joining engineers and manufacturers directly in their facilities to understand how Radiant solutions can meet needs in the field.

The full Vision Spectra Conference is free to attend. Online sessions can be viewed live during the event dates (July 19–21) and afterward on demand. Registration is open at events.photonics.com/Event.aspx. More information about Radiant Vision Systems can be found at www.RadiantVisionSystems.com


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