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Visual Workplace Inc.


Quickly Identify Gauge and Inspection Specs With Gauge Marking Label

Perfect for error proofing inspection tools for pressure/vacuum, alignment/measurement

Published: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 12:34

(Visual Workplace: Byron Center, MI) -- Visual Workplace Inc. introduces Gauge Marking Label—a simple and cost-effective means for machine operators to quickly identify gauge and inspection parameters and specifications.

Gauge Marking Label is perfect for error-proofing Go-No-Go gauges, pressure/vacuum gauges, alignment/measurement gauges, and other inspection tools to help maximize productivity and quality control. It is also well suited for any number of other applications such as tinting windows, enhancing signage, applying to backlit signage, and reducing lighting glare.

Gauge Marking Label is 2.0-mil thick, and comes in red, yellow, or green 12 in. × 16 in. sheets.

Gauge Marking Label can be applied to most smooth surfaces including glass, metal, PVC, magnet, corrugated plastic, dry erase board, reflective vinyl acrylic, and others. The material promotes optimal cutting, weeding, lifting, and transfer. It is easily cut by hand, or sheets can be fed into the plotter of the Mobile In-House Sign Shop for precision cutting.

Gauge Marking Label has a one-year shelf life. Indoor use is recommended, but it can withstand outdoor use for up to seven years.


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Visual Workplace Inc. specializes in high quality products needed to help implement and sustain a lean work environment and 5S programs—such as the Mobile In-House Sign Shop which is designed for mobility and speed to tackle all 5S projects and to create visual controls quickly and easily at a fraction of the normal cost to purchase signs. Visual Workplace Inc. operates worldwide serving the automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, aerospace, retail, telecommunications, government/defense, pharmaceutical, health care, and educational industries.