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Product News: Zemetrics -- ZeMapper Noncontact 3-D Surface Measurement

Three-dimensional surface maps with sub-Angstrom repeatability

Published: Thursday, June 18, 2009 - 06:53

(Zemetrics: Tucson, AZ) --Zemetrics, an optical metrology product company founded last year to provide new concept surface metrology systems, has brought its first system, ZeMapper, to the precision engineering and R&D market.

The ZeMapper interferometric optical profiler provides three-dimensional surface maps with the highest lateral and vertical resolution in a user-friendly automated process. Its large 4 megapixel image sensor combines a large field-of-view with high resolution, unmatched in any commercial profiler. Advanced processing of the interferometric data leads to rapid precision measurements with sub-Angstrom repeatability.

Designed for ultra-precision metrology, the instrument has been beta-tested by research customers, and is now in production. ZeMapper is expected to fill unmet needs in surface mapping among users that need nondestructive, noncontact area measurements with high resolution and repeatability in applications such as defect review, surface characterization, and volume displacement for data storage, optics, MEMS, tribology, material, and biological sciences.

The ZeMaps acquisition and analysis software, included with ZeMapper, is optimized for the most powerful multiple processors, operating in a 64-bit address space computing environment. Built-in reporting, animated 3-D mapping, and zooming plots provide volumetric calculations, line profile cross-sections, and tabular 3-D surface measurement parameters such as peak-to-valley, roughness (Sa), and area step heights.

For more information, visit www.zemetrics.com.


About The Author

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Zemetrics a corporate member of OSA and SPIE, is a privately owned company. Its founders come from the optical surface metrology industry and are experienced optical, mechanical, and software designers.