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Mahr Inc.


Product News: New MarSurf M 300 Features Bluetooth Wireless Drive Unit

Move freely while measuring and send data with ease.

Published: Friday, September 18, 2009 - 15:38

(Mahr Federal: Providence, RI) -- Mahr Federal has introduced the next generation of portable surface finish measuring instruments with the new MarSurf M 300. The first surface finish instrument to offer cable-free Bluetooth connection between drive and evaluation units, the new MarSurf M 300 also incorporates a host of features to enhance the quality, versatility, and performance of the measurement process.

“Adding the wireless connection between drive and evaluation units has really opened up the potential for this type of hand-held instrument,” says Pat Nugent, vice president of metrology systems for Mahr Federal. “By separating the computing and display functions from the probe unit, we’ve been able to dramatically increase power and functionality while retaining the flexibility, economy, and ease of use which have made hand-held surface finish instruments so popular.”

The MarSurf M 300 offers a wide range of surface parameters conforming to standards from ISO, ASME, JIS, and others, plus the innovative user interface ensures ease of use for operators in 15 languages. Measurement cut-off length selections between 0.08 mm (0.003 in.) and 2.5 mm (0.100 in.) can be selected by the user or automatically determined by the M 300 based on the actual surface profile being measured. 

The M 300’s integrated memory can store up to 40,000 measurement results and 30 profiles. When used with the optional PC-based M 300/PS1 Explorer software, these results and profiles can be transferred to a computer for further evaluation and printing.

The MarSurf M 300 has a measuring range of up to 350 µm (0.014 in.) and includes a dynamic calibration function with an integrated roughness standard. Measurement results include tolerance monitoring with date and time of measurement. The separate evaluation unit for the MarSurf M 300 features a brilliant illuminated color display and an integrated thermal graphics printer. Measurement result data can also be transferred to a PC via USB-interface.

The MarSurf M 300 drive unit can be connected via wireless Bluetooth or cable. Ergonomically designed, the unit can take measurements in any position, and the prismatic shaped bottom can even act as a vee block for positioning small parts. Threaded sockets in the undercarriage allow the attachment of accessories, and rechargeable batteries provide capacity for approximately 1,000 measurements before recharging.

The MarSurf M 300 comes in its own handy carrying case with shoulder strap. In addition to the drive and evaluation units, it comes standard with the PHT 6-350 probe, height adjustment bracket, and power supply with three plugs for input voltages from 90 to 264 V. Available accessories include a range of different probes, measuring stands, and part mounting devices.



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Mahr Inc. a member of the Mahr Group, manufactures and markets a complete range of dimensional measurement solutions from handheld and custom-made gauges to technically advanced measurement systems for form, contour, surface finish and length for the automotive, aerospace, medical products, electrical, plastics, and optical engineering industries. Mahr also provides calibration and contract measurement services. Mahr's calibration laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005, NVLAP Lab Code 200605-0. Mahr Group is headquartered in Göttingen, Germany. Mahr Inc. is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island.