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General Electric GE


Product News: GE X-Ray Detector Brings Portability to Digital Radiography

The 13 lb device provides immediate imaging capability through laptop for a range of applications.

Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - 15:29

(GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies: Billerica, MA) -- Weighing just 13 lb (6 kg), the DXR250V is the latest lightweight and portable digital radiography tool from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies. In the past, the use of digital radiography (DR) has been limited due to size, weight, and connectivity of the equipment.  With DXR250V, DR users have the benefit of shorter shot times and minimal radiation exposure in applications that were previously limited to computed radiography or film. The DXR250V can easily connect to a laptop computer and produce images for instant review with GE’s Rhythm software, providing significant gains in productivity. Key applications include field inspections in the oil and gas, aerospace, and power generation sectors.

“The benefits of digital radiography, such as eliminating the chemicals and reducing radiation exposure through shorter exposure times, can now be used in a much wider range of applications with the DXR250V,” says Shana Telesz, product manager at GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies. “The ability to use digital radiography in areas where it was previously impossible is an important step in the conversion from film to digital radiography.”

The DXR250V uses a 200 µm pixel pitch detector and has one of the largest active areas at 16 in. × 16 in. (41 cm × 41 cm). When used in conjunction with the Rhythm DR acquisition software, several frames can be taken and averaged to reduce noise and display a crisp, premium image on the laptop screen. The inspector can also take advantage of other Rhythm features by printing a report on site through Rhythm Report or transmit the data to a remote Rhythm Review station for analysis by another expert. If image retention is required, users can take advantage of Rhythm Archive for long-term storage and archiving of large numbers of digital radiographs. The new detector outputs DICONDE-compliant data with all technical information and details of location, date, and time, and inspector saved with the image. With no moving parts, the DXR 250V requires minimal service.

To learn more, visit www.gesensinginspection.com.


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General Electric GE

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is part of GE Measurement & Control Solutions, a division of GE Energy, and an innovator in sensor-based measurement, inspection, asset condition monitoring, controls, and radiation measurement solutions for customers in oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, transportation, and health care industries. GE Energy develops and deploys technology for efficient use of natural resources. GE Transportation, formerly GE Rail, manufactures for the railroad, marine, mining, drilling, and energy generation industries.



I find it absolutely amazing the portability of such a device . It definitly hows how technology is increasingly becoming more advanced. Having portability on such a product is amazing! I was reading another product that was working on portability. Does anyone else feel that portabilty of a product is a must have in 2013?