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Marposs Corp.

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Product News: Marposs Wireless Interface for Mechanical Gauge Heads

Bluetooth wireless and plug-and-play changeover make this a versatile gauging tool.

Published: Monday, July 27, 2009 - 12:39

(Marposs Corp.: Auburn Hills, MI) -- Marposs Corp. will introduce the i-Wave, its newest wireless device in the M1 Star bore gauge product line, at Quality Expo 2009 in booth 4739, Sept. 22–24, in Rosemont, Illinois. The i-Wave wireless handle allows quick and easy plug-and-play changeover of a variety of mechanical gauge heads without any tools. The handle features the innovative StarLock locking device, a mechanical interface that allows connecting new and existing gauges to a wireless gauging network.

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The new i-Wave Bluetooth-enabled, wireless interface device allows quick and easy changeover of a variety of mechanical gauge heads without tools.



The i-Wave handle with StarLock can accommodate any mechanical gauge head featuring standard M10, M6 or M3,5 thread (M12,5 is available, as well as any other size upon request).

The i-Wave handle with StarLock can accommodate any mechanical gauge head featuring standard M10, M6, or M3,5 thread (M12,5 is available, as well as any other size upon request). These include:

  • Marposs M1Star MBG bore plugs, as well as competitors’ bore plugs with the same thread standards
  • Marposs M3Star snap heads and rings
  • Depth gauges
  • Sweep Gauges
  • Gauges for chamfers, spot-facings, countersinks


The i-Wave wireless interface unit has been specifically developed to work in the most severe shop floor conditions. Its rugged design guarantees a very high level of protection against coolants and dust. Standard alkaline “C” batteries allow more than 220 continuous hours working time. Battery life can be further increased by using the programmable auto-shutdown feature, extending use by several months in normal operating conditions. A contactless, inductive recharging system is available that immediately recharges after each use or work session, eliminating the need to disconnect the power pack or plug it in.

By simply pushing the button on the I-Wave handle, the device communicates in real time with the electronic display, showing the acquired value. The measuring value is safely and reliably transmitted to the electronic unit via Bluetooth wireless technology to a maximum 10 meters. The same button is also used to accomplish simple step functions or the control of more advanced cycles and guided sequences.

The i-Wave communicates wirelessly to all Bluetooth-enabled Marposs electronic displays and measurement units, such as Merlin and E9066 gauge computers and the E4N Wave electronic column. Communication software developed by Marposs is also available to allow connection of the i-Wave unit to commercial computers.

For more information, visit www.marposs.com


About The Author

Marposs Corp.’s default image

Marposs Corp.

Marposs Corp. is a leading supplier of precision gauging equipment to industries worldwide. The company makes equipment for measuring to the thousandth of a millimeter, not in the comfort of the metrology lab, but in the hostile workshop environment, alongside production lines, and on board machine tools.