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Aven Inc.

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Product News: iVue and iScope Microscopes with Networking

Plug-and-go microscope systems integrate all components.

Published: Monday, July 20, 2009 - 14:00

(Aven Inc.: Ann Arbor, MI)—Digital microscope users gain all-in-one convenience from the first integrated systems that combine image capture, measurement, annotation, and networking capability without external software or hardware.

The iVue and iScope from the SharpVue division of Aven Inc. allow precision optical analysis and image-sharing with plug-and-go simplicity. Each instrument is an advanced video inspection system. The iScope enlarges from 10X to 44X and has screen magnification up to 166X.

“These ready-to-use systems elevate digital inspection and documentation to a new level for industrial, scientific, and educational users,” says Mark Kanpurwala, managing director of SharpVue, located in a high-tech corridor of Ann Arbor, Michigan. “The iVue and iScope reduce vision fatigue, increase productivity, and save workbench space.”


iVue and iScope


He will demonstrate each model at Booth No. 5033 of Quality Expo in Rosemont, Illinois, Sept. 22–24, 2009.

By combining a 3-megapixel camera and touch-screen virtual keyboard for annotation and measurement, the self-contained systems eliminate compatibility concerns, reduce clutter, and ease portability. No laptop or desktop PC is needed, unlike other video microscope systems.

Valuable benefit

The 12-inch monitor tilts and is adjustable by height, allowing 3-D inspection at eye level. SharpVue’s models also incorporate these practical features:

  • Images are captured directly to a USB stick or internal hard drive with a few clicks.
  • Touch-screen commands insert moveable, fully customizable text boxes simply.
  • Laser pointer highlights locations on viewed objects.
  • LAN connectivity and a Wi-Fi card allow team viewing and annotation.
  • Brightness controls on a patented LED lighting system provide custom illumination for each of four quadrants on the iScope and three quadrants on the iVue.


Field reports confirm the convenience of these accurate, powerful devices for assembly operations, R&D centers, science labs and academic settings. Pre-assembly, intuitive functionality and on-screen help menus ensure ready-to-go efficiency.

“Design engineers, quality inspectors, and other users say that eliminating integration challenges and setup time for multiple devices greatly simplifies their work,” says Kanpurwala.

“Image capture in the past required separate hardware and software—usually in the form of a PC interfaced with the inspection system’s camera,” he adds. “With either of these new instruments, images are instantly saved and manipulated on-screen.”

Flexible viewing

The iVue’s tilting head provides not only a top-down view, but also an angled view for increased depth of field. The iScope has a 45° fixed 3-D viewer option that rotates for 360° views without moving the object being examined.

Each offers numerous measurement options in various orientations without requiring additional software. Precise distances between points or geometries are calculated on-screen and saved when an image is captured. A “snap” tool automatically finds corners and edges for accurate measurement.

Correct lighting is crucial for crisp, clear images. Each quadrant has individual angle and height adjustments, as well as separate horizontal plane controls to provide shadowing when needed. The long life LED system, patented by SharpVue, is available only on the iVue and iScope.

The iVue and iScope are useful for inspecting circuit boards, welds, tubes, hoses, precision parts, and other manufactured products in a quality control lab or on the assembly floor. Users can detect and document gaps, hairline cracks, fractures, or other microscopic defects.

Fingertip ease

SharpVue’s systems allow immediate team collaboration on the 12-inch screen or via networked units. They make it easy to provide material documentation and process conformance.

There’s also a smooth gateway to a database archive for continuous quality improvement, documentation, and ISO standard certification.

In research applications, the two instruments can evaluate prototypes, perform medical and pathology lab work, work in scientific studies and cataloging, support law enforcement and forensics investigation, and be used in educational settings. Users can prepare presentation slides and illustrations for training manuals or publications. For lecture demonstrations, each unit’s VGA output allows interfacing to a projector or large monitor.


About The Author

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Aven Inc.

Aven Inc. is an international source of high-performance precision tools and optical inspection systems for industrial, scientific, research, and education applications. Product lines include alignment tools, video inspection systems, magnifiers, precision knives, pliers and cutters, illumination equipment, and other workbench solutions. An electronics innovator since 1983, Aven is located in a high-tech corridor of Southeast Michigan and is the parent company SharpVue, which designs and manufactures integrated digital microscope technology.