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Product News: Image Acquisition, Analysis Software Improves Lab Efficiency

OmniMet 9.5 features new analytical functions with additional manual measurement options.

Published: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 13:42

(Buehler: Lake Bluff, IL) -- Buehler’s new OmniMet 9.5 image acquisition and quantitative analysis software improves lab efficiency and increases operator appeal compared to previous generations of the product. Specific improvements include browsing the database using a typical PC-style folder interface, the ability to store multimedia files (such as instruction files, written procedures, and measurement reports), a preview pane to view thumbnail images of files within a folder, the ability to flip and rotate images, overlay grids, improved bitplane manipulation functions, database administration tools to assign user rights and access levels, and an audit trail function to track file access and modification information.

Typical OmniMet users are in industries where quantitative industrial microscopy forms a vital part of the analysis process including automotive, aerospace, primary metals, metal fabrication, welding, electronics, printed wire board (PWB), materials science, university,  testing, and quality control industries.

The OmniMet system offers seamless point-and-click integration of microscopes, cameras, and image analysis software to capture, analyze, and store images and measurement results. Measurements from simple manual point-and-click options to sophisticated automated analysis algorithms are all possible.

OmniMet also includes optional modules for industrial microstructural analysis—all fully compliant with the relevant methods and standards of ASTM International and the International Organization for Standardization—to enable automated grain size measurement, phase area percentage, weld characteristics and other analytical functions considered vital in metallography, petrography, and electronics testing. A complete module list is available in the OmniMet product literature pdf. All optional modules have been updated making use of the new analytical capabilities offered in OmniMet 9.5.

“OmniMet 9.5 offers a sophisticated, comprehensive image analysis solution,” says Sean O’Flaherty, optical product manager at Buehler. “New features that improve laboratory efficiency include multimedia storage, image manipulation, and administrative tools. Most important, we have incorporated customer suggestions that make OmniMet 9.5 more intuitive and powerful than ever.”


OmniMet 9.5 features a vastly expanded database and improved structure to more closely mimic the standard PC-style environment with which users are familiar. In response to customer demand, images, data, reports, and multimedia files are now stored in a more intuitive multi-tier folder system that users can organize and customize to match company or department requirements. To easily share and present information, OmniMet users can generate statistical information, annotate images, and export data to customizable Microsoft Excel or Word reports.

For more information, visit http://www.buehler.com/productinfo/ia1.htm.


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Buehler, a premier manufacturer of scientific equipment and supplies for use in materials analysis, is a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a global industrial manufacturer of value-added consumables and specialty equipment with related service businesses. Buehler products and analysis methods are applied in quality, R&D, and university laboratories across numerous industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, electronics, energy, medical, and primary metals. Based in Lake Bluff, Illinois, Buehler has offices in seven countries, sales distribution in more than 100 countries, and more than 45 Buehler Solutions Centers.