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Promess Inc.

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Product News: Hollow-Shaft Torque Functional Test Systems

Users can access components with tools or sensors inserted through the center hole during assembly.

Published: Friday, July 24, 2009 - 06:37

(Promess Inc.: Brighton, MI) -- Promess Inc. has added a series of hollow-shaft units to its line of Torque Functional Test (TFT) Systems intended for intelligent assembly applications. Based on direct drive rotary motor technology, the new TFT-HS series permits users to access components with tools and/or sensors inserted through the center hole during the assembly operation.

Promess TFTs provide monitored and measured amounts of torque during assembly and test operations. They utilize servomotors, precision position sensing feedback technology, and extremely accurate, proprietary torque transducers to produce controlled torque inputs and feedback monitoring.

“A hollow-shaft TFT greatly simplifies the design of many test and assembly machines by eliminating the need for complex tooling,” explains Promess president, Larry Stockline. “For example, one could adjust the backlash in a gear set by applying axial force through the center hole with a press while the TFT provides the necessary rotation to tighten a fastener or other adjustment mechanism.

“Obviously, this is only one possible use for the new hollow-shaft TFT,” Stockline says. “When combined with a sophisticated CNC control and highly-customizable monitoring software, the possibilities are limited only by the user’s imagination.”

The new Promess TFT-HS series includes models ranging in size from 20 Newton meter (Nm) to 300 Nm at speeds up to 800 rpm. Full-scale torque sensor accuracy is 2 percent, and repeatability is 0.25 percent. A full range of customized features and standard options are also available.

Promess is a 25-year-old firm that develops, manufactures, and markets its family of sensing devices, electronics, assembly presses, and test systems on a global basis.

For more information, visit www.promessinc.com or www.promessinc.com/products/TorqueFunctionalTest.cfm?page=Sizes




About The Author

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Promess Inc.

Promess Inc. was formed as a Michigan corporation in 1984 to provide the manufacturing industry with in-production monitoring systems. Since that time, Promess has continued to develop a worldwide reputation supplying state of the art, “turnkey” sensing and test systems. It manufactures complete force, position, torque, optic, fluid, and air sensing and testing systems for in-production monitoring applications.