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Product News: Bytewise CrossCheck Laser Profile Sensor

New sensors provide R&D, engineering, and production personnel with high-res noncontact 3-D measurement tool.

Published: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 - 12:54

(Bytewise: Columbus, GA) -- With more than 20 years of profile measurement experience, Bytewise now extends its product offerings to include a line of sensor products to solve everyday measurement applications for scientific and factory applications. The CrossCheck product line offers customers affordable high-resolution, laser profile sensors that enable the end-user to develop less complex, in-house solutions. At the same time CrossCheck provides low-cost sensors that system integrators can employ in more complex measurement solutions.

The entire organization now benefits from the low-cost profile measurement solution. The new CrossCheck Laser Profile Sensors provide R&D, engineering, production, quality, and maintenance personnel with an excellent noncontact 3-D measurement tool that improves product and production quality. While the CrossCheck laser is the primary measurement device, the "CrossCheck" software provides users with simple to use "shape tools." The Shape Tools are used to fit data to a circle, rectangle, vertex, line, gap, bump, or step change. The shape tools are used to set up tolerances and calculate real-time product dimensions to control radius, diameter, height, width, angle, and location of key features. There is a Master Profile Comparison tool that ensures the shape of a part stays within the actual profile limits. Bytewise has designed the CrossCheck product line for a wide variety of factory automation applications including process control, part inspection, robotic guidance, and shape check.

"The CrossCheck precalibrated laser profile sensors are a great alternative to integrating a smart vision camera and laser line while the cost is less than the price of a single point triangulation sensor," says Michael Harris, founder and technical director. "The software is simple to use and rich in features so any company will improve their production and dimensional quality without breaking the bank."

A CrossCheck Starter Kit is available and priced at $7,449. The starter kit includes a CrossCheck Laser Profile Sensor (30 mm, 50 mm or 100 mm measurement range), and "CrossCheck" software to analyze product profile data. The user can set up pass/fail trigger alerts and output two analog feedback control loops for direct machine control. Data can be collected and stored to a file while the user can retrieve multiple recipes for product lines that vary in size and dimension. The starter kit also includes a universal articulating arm to securely mount and hold the sensor during measurement. The multifunction I/O device outputs the pass/fail trigger alerts plus analog control loops, while the visual signal indicator outputs red, green, and yellow alarm status to operators. The kit is backed by a 30 day, no-risk evaluation period.




About The Author

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Bytewise designs and delivers noncontact profile measurement systems for a variety of industrial applications. Industries in which our products can be found include: tires, other rubber products (rubber extrusions), plastics (plastic extrusions), automotive, metal forging, wood-plastic composite lumber (WPC Lumber) and building materials.

Visit www.bytewise.com.