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Baumer Group

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Product News: Baumer Noncontact Photoelectric Level Sensors

Compact units mount directly to standpipes

Published: Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 15:43

(Baumer: Southington, CT) -- For a range of liquid level detection applications in laboratory automation, medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, beverage processing, and other industries, Baumer has introduced the FFDK 16 photoelectric level sensors, compact sensors designed to be mounted onto transparent or half-transparent standpipes from 3 to 13 mm in diameter.

These easy-to-mount, noncontact sensors feature integrated electronics and require no post-installation adjustments to be made for accurate detection of fluid presence. A dark/light switch allows the user to select the appropriate setting for their specific application. These rugged sensors are made with PFI for chemical resistance.

Foam can cause measurement errors in standard optical level sensors. To prevent this problem, the optical version of the FFDK 16 sensor features fibers that are arranged in rows, which allow the sensor to suppress foam and air bubbles up to 3 mm in size.

For more information on the FFDK 16 photoelectric level sensors, contact:

Phone: (800) 937-9336
Web: www.baumerelectric.com/usa
E-mail: sales.us@baumergroup.com


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Baumer Group

Established in 1952, the Baumer Group is a leading international manufacturer of sensors and system solutions for factory and process automation. In 2008, the innovative family-owned company employed more than 2,000 people worldwide in 34 locations and 16 countries. Baumer’s long-lasting success is built on commitment to customers and innovative, diversified product technologies in five product segments: sensor solutions, motion control, vision technologies, process instrumentation, and gluing systems.