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PPT Vision

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Product News: ActiveX Connectivity for Machine Vision Apps

Embed PPT VISION inspection data and control into control or SCADA software.

Published: Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 14:40

(PPT VISION: Bloomington, MN) -- PPT VISION Inc. announces a new standard API (application programming interface) that uses the Microsoft ActiveX platform to provide industry standard connectivity, linking, and embedding. ActiveX control is now built into PPT VISION’s IMPACT Software Suite 8.3, which runs on all PPT VISION IMPACT smart cameras, delivering easy-to-use, advanced inspection capabilities to a broad range of machine vision applications.

“Users requiring tightly integrated software control can now seamlessly embed PPT VISION inspection data and control into their own control or SCADA software,” says Sean O'Driscoll, executive vice president of PPT VISION. “With IMPACT 8.3, machine vision inspections can be integrated as a critical component of production process control.”

The new IMPACT ActiveX control API operates with common programming languages (such as VB.NET) and includes sample programs in VB.NET, C#, Visual Basic 6, and Microsoft Excel. Along with the new ActiveX control API, IMPACT 8.3 features Control Panel Manager (CPM), which provides a simpler way to create custom machine operator interfaces for monitoring and controlling PPT VISION inspections.

The new IMPACT 8.3 Software Suite also includes setups that reduce both the learning curve and time it takes to program PPT VISION inspections. Other IMPACT 8.3 features of note include:

  • OCR (optical character recognition) tool now provides a setup option for easier configuration and delivers improved read rates
  • Origin tool features improved flexibility and provides subpixel accuracy and repeatability to handle more challenging locating tasks
  • Average intensity tool, a powerful re-engineered tool that simplifies programming for many presence/absence inspections
  • Multiple point-to-point tool now facilitates easy configuration of any combination of measurements from a group of points


PPT VISION's IMPACT 8.3 Software Suite includes a full emulator—no camera is required to operate this inspection software on any Windows PC. Download a free copy of the IMPACT 8.3 Software Suite at www.pptvision.com, or call 952-996-9500.

PPT VISION develops and markets innovative machine vision technologies including smart cameras and high-end vision systems for a broad range of industry categories, including manufacturers of automotive components, electronic components, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, medical devices, consumer goods, and plastics.

For additional information contact:

6301 Old Shakopee Road, Suite A
Bloomington, Minnesota 55438
Phone: (952) 996-9500
Fax:: (952) 996-9501
Email: info@pptvision.com
Web: www.pptvision.com.


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PPT Vision

PPT VISION Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets machine vision based intelligent cameras used for automated inspection, measurement, and guidance applications in the manufacturing marketplace.