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Product Announcement: Keyence VW-6000 Series Motion Analysis Microscope

High-speed motion recording of up to 24,000 fps

Published: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 - 12:47

(Keyence: Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey) -- The new Keyence VW-6000 Series motion analysis microscope is the world’s first microscope with high-speed magnified video capture capabilities. High-speed motion recording of up to 24,000 fps enables accurate filming of failures in moving targets that cannot be captured by conventional microscopes. Its space saving size, portability, and all-in-one design make recording simple for research and development on the factory floor or on a production line.

The built-in light source and LCD monitor means setup takes just minutes as opposed to conventional equipment, which require considerable setup time. The Macro Zoom Unit with built-in lighting allows great flexibility of light coverage and observation at any angle.

The controller supports both color and monochrome cameras making it ideal for any application. The advanced interface simplifies the setup procedure, making the unit ideal for novice users. High-speed recording is automatically played back slowly, allowing real-time adjustments during setup.

The Time Advance function allows users to record video at fixed intervals for targets that move continuously. Comparison of multiple videos recorded over the course of a few days will help to easily identify changes from production start to finish.

Recorded footage can be edited and analyzed directly on the controller. The VW-6000 automatically tracks moving objects in recorded footage to quantify speed, acceleration, distance, angle, and other measurements. Users are able to quantify and analyze motion which was previously impossible.

The VW-6000’s compact design contains the functionality to perform magnified observation and record still images. High resolution Keyence digital microscope lenses can be used with the VW-6000 for greater magnification. Observation time has been significantly reduced with large depth of focus, ideal for targets with irregular surfaces. Halation removal significantly reduces time spent adjusting lighting to reduce glare.

For VW-6000 Series Motion Analysis Microscope details, specs and applications, go to: www.keyence.com/vw

For further information:

Keyence Corporation of America
50 Tice Boulevard
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677
Phone: ( 88) 539-3623 ext 70703
Fax: (201) 930-1883
Email: KeyencePR@keyence.com
Web: www.keyence.com  



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Keyence manufactures a broad range of products, from photoelectric and proximity sensors to measuring instruments for inspection lines and high precision devices used in research institutes. These products are used by more than 80,000 customers across all industry sectors.