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Multivendor Calibration Service

Published: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 - 22:00

(Sypris: Orlando, Florida.) -- Sypris Test & Measurement Inc., a subsidiary of Sypris Solutions Inc., has partnered with Tektronix to provide onsite calibration services for products from multiple vendors. The combined offerings of the two firms provide onsite calibration support for more than 90 percent of the equipment that customers typically use for test and measurement functions.

Many engineering departments use a variety of test and measurement equipment from multiple vendors. This is especially true for those firms that have locations in multiple geographies. These instruments require periodic calibration to ensure precision and to meet certification standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025. The Sypris/Tektronix partnership will provide a single-source calibration service as opposed to working with each individual manufacturer. A single source provides convenience and simplifies operations, improves overall productivity, and is cost-effective.

“Our partnership with Tektronix extends the calibration service offerings we can provide to customers,” says Kathy Smith Boyd, president, Sypris test and measurement and vice president, Sypris Solutions. “Customers will benefit from our combined metrology expertise, breadth of capabilities and product coverage, performance, and geographic reach.”

Tektronix and Sypris service account managers will collaborate to provide customized calibration service proposals for Tektronix and non-Tektronix equipment based upon the needs of each customer. The combined offering can address the calibration of nearly 80,000 model numbers across many different manufacturers. Customers will have a single point of contact who will manage all of the calibration services delivered regardless of location, providing single-source customized service.

“Our customers have been telling us that they would like us to offer a single source, onsite calibration service that would cover all of their facilities anywhere in the country,” says Steve Aleshire, vice president, Tektronix. “Our partnership with Sypris combines the technical skills and geographic reach of both companies to meet virtually all of the calibration needs that customers demand.”

Several customers have been using the calibration services offered through the partnership in a pilot program involving hundreds of test and measurement instruments from multiple vendors including Tektronix and in multiple locations.

For more information visit www.sypris.com/library/documents/MVS_Press_Release_06_14_07.pdf


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