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Mitutoyo America Introduces MCOSMOS v. 5.0

Advanced metrology suite for coordinate measuring machines

Published: Monday, February 7, 2022 - 12:59

(Mitutoyo: Aurora, IL) -- Mitutoyo America Corp. has released MCOSMOS v. 5.0, the newest version of its advanced metrology suite for coordinate measuring machines. This software, known as a standard throughout the world, offers support in 37 separate locations and in 12 different languages.

What distinguishes MCOSMOS v.5 from its predecessor are the upgrades to its interface, functions, and performance. Most noticeable is the simplified graphical user interface: The updates not only are visually pleasing but also assist in improving the user experience, no matter their level of knowledge working with the tool. These changes include easy-to-use “ribbons” and a much-requested search function, helping operators find specific sections of their measuring process for detailed reports.

Key features and capabilities of Mitutoyo’s MCOSMOS v.5 software suite include:

New graphical user interface—Modeled with a modern design, this GUI improves on the previous version with a simplified and attractive module display.

Optimization for large CAD files—Compared with previous versions of software, process time is shorter and the overall operation of MCOSMOS is improved.

Element finder—Designed to assist the user in their quest for specific programmed elements of their measuring processes, error corrections, and detailed reporting.

3D topographical view—Added in this recent version of MCOSMOS is the option to use a 3D display of the geometry and microstructure of technical surfaces, including visualizing tolerance zones, which provides operators with a more detailed overview of their workpiece. This is especially handy when operators are using noncontact measurement methods.

GD&T reporting—With a new modern design template, tabular layout, and tolerance value graphics, this feature is becoming a standard among inspection reports, making it easy to summarize the true positions and tolerancing of workpieces.

Adjustable ribbons—The selection menu is now formatted as “ribbons” which offer easy-to-use functions for operators, such as resizable icons, customizable sections, part lists, and a docking layout.

Point displays—These figures are placed with accurate 3D representations in thousands of points over a workpiece, and will display a tolerance indication based on their color. To shorten rendering time, it’s also possible to swap the points from 3D to 2D representation. 

Revision management—Prevents use of nonvalidated programs by restricting unqualified users or halting the measuring programs themselves if any changes occur. Reports made using this function are also forgery-proof and exported as PPDF.

Speed up execution—Deactivates unnecessary graphics during the process execution phase, saving resources to speed up part programs.

Enhanced mouse operation—Modeled to be the same as in MiCAT Planner or other CAD operation software; everything can be controlled via the mouse as well as hotkeys for experienced users.

Styli and fixture builder—Coming as a standard, the styli and fixture builder comes with MCOSMOS v. 5, making it easier to build correct styli or fixtures for your task.

Quick access toolbar—This enables the operator to create a customized quick-access bar for frequently used functions that’s independent of the standard ribbon structure.

About Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo Corp. is the world’s largest global provider of measurement and inspection solutions. It offers the most complete selection of machines, sensors, systems, and services, including a product line of CMM (coordinate measuring machines); vision, form, and finish measuring machines; precision tools and instruments; and metrology data management software. Mitutoyo’s nationwide network of metrology centers and support operations provides application, calibration, service, repair, and educational programs to ensure that the company’s more than 8,500 metrology products will deliver measurement solutions for global customers throughout a product’s lifetime.


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