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Micro-Indentation Hardness Testers Set New Performance Standards

For quality control and metallurgical research with dead-weight loads up to 2.0 kg

Published: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - 12:07

(Buehler: Lake Bluff, IL) -- By combining the industry’s most intuitive user interface, custom-designed optics, USB data communication, LED illumination, six turret positions, and an integrated digital camera, Buehler’s MicroMet 6000 Series establishes a new class of dead-weight micro-indentation Vickers/Knoop hardness testers. Buehler has produced many generations of MicroMet-brand hardness testers for more than 35 years.

The MicroMet 6000 hybrid user-interface combines a touch screen LCD for setup and data entry with rugged hard-switch buttons for daily operation. A tabbed menu structure enables users to access any setting with three clicks or fewer, which defines a new class in usability and ease of use.

From the USB data port ergonomically located on the front of the tester, users can export data to a flash memory drive in common formats. Additionally, a USB on the back of the MicroMet 6000 enables integration with Buehler’s OmniMet MHT software for automated testing solutions.

Custom-design optics coupled with LED illumination (monochromatic light, parallel beam) deliver the sharpest and clearest image of the test surface in the industry. They deliver optimal measurement performance for excellent, easily repeatable results, whether using the traditional ocular eyepiece with digital filars or digital imaging with OmniMet MHT software.

Used for quality control and metallurgical research with dead-weight loads from 0.01 kg to 1.0 kg, the MicroMet 6000 also features a 2 kg option. Calibration certificates for the tester, test-blocks (provided) and indenter conform to all internationally recognized microhardness testing standards.

“Design criteria for the MicroMet 6000 Series included operation so intuitive that any experienced operator could use this machine out of the box without training,” says Sean O’Flaherty, product development manager for Buehler. “The MicroMet 6000 Series’ fully integrated camera, motorized controls, and USB communications create the cleanest desktop package available, as well as provide a superior user experience.”

Four options

The MicroMet 6000 Series includes four models. The MicroMet 6010 and 6020 feature 10x and 50x objectives (delivering 100x and 500x total magnification), one indenter (choose Vickers or Knoop), and two objective positions on the turret as standard. Both also feature a USB port for data transfer, while the MicroMet 6020 may be automated using OmniMet MHT software.

The MicroMet 6030 and 6040 are delivered with 5x, 10x, and 50x objectives (delivering 50x, 100x, and 500x total magnification). The tester turret can accommodate three or four objective positions and one or two indenter positions for the 6030 and 6040 models, respectively. Indenters can be chosen for the 6030, while the 6040 features dual Vickers and Knoop indenters as standard. Long work distance (LWD) optics on the 6040 model minimizes the risk of unintentional damage due to collisions between objectives and specimens. Options include manual or motorized XY stage, and manual or motorized z-axis movement, with all motors, controls, and cabling fully integrated inside the tester.

Buehler’s MicroMet 6000 Series micro-indentation hardness tester


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