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Marposs’ Aeroel Wireline Enables 100% Inspection of In-Process Drawn Wire

Contactless gauging system for measuring steel wire for tires, copper wire for electrical cables, CO2 welding wire, and more

Published: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - 11:00

(Marposs: Auburn Hills, MI) -- Marposs, a world leader in measurement, inspection, and test technologies, announces the availability of its Aeroel Wireline laser measuring system designed for in-line checking of drawn wire diameter and ovality. Wireline is a contactless gauging system well-suited for measuring steel wire for tires, copper wire for electrical cables, CO2 welding wire, and more. By enabling 100-percent inspection, it eliminates any risk of rejects or complaints, helping to improve quality, eliminate scrap, and reduce labor cost.

Using a dual-axis laser gauge, the Wireline  laser measuring system checks the wire tolerance of the wire and stops the drawing machine when the die wear exceeds the pre-set limit. It counts the meters of wire being drawn and provides statistical reports for each spool.

The Wireline system is unaffected by wire vibration and speed, consistently delivering accurate and reliable measurements. It features a patented dust protective jacket that safeguards it from soap and iron dust, making it possible for installation on dry drawing benches.

Wireline systems are available in two styles: the XY13 with a measuring field of 13 × 13 mm, a diameter range of 0.1 to 10 mm and repeatability up to ±0.15 µm, or the XY35 with a measuring field of 35 × 35 mm, a diameter range from 0.2 to 32 mm and a repeatability up to ±0.3 µm. All Aeroel lasers systems are capable of resolution up to 0.01 µm.

Both versions come with the pre-loaded Wireline.XY software that is easy to use and simple to program, even by non-experts. Additional software modules can be added as needed. The weight measuring module computes and displays the length and the weight of the drawn wire, and the statistics module records and prints maximum, minimum, and average values.

The Wireline system can be set up for automatic change of collection-reels or systems to wind spools up to a pre-set weight, as well as offering the ability to link and connect several systems together so that all process information is managed by one computer.

For more information, visit www.marposs.com or www.aeroel.it, call toll-free (888) 627-7677, or e-mail marposs@us.marposs.com. Follow company activity on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

The Aeroel Wireline from Marposs provides in-process measuring of wire ovality and diameter.


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Marposs supplies precision gauging equipment to industries worldwide for measuring to the thousandth of a millimeter in the workshop environment, production lines, and on board machine tools. Main customers are machine tool manufacturers, automotive and their subcontractors, aerospace, bearings, glass, electrical motors, appliances, consumer durables industries, and gauge and fixture makers. Marposs supplies individual gauging components, turnkey machines, or fully automated lines. Headquartered in Bentivoglio, Italy, Marposs’ U.S. office is in Auburn Hills, Michigan.