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EngView Systems


An Innovative Solution Adds Traceability to Manual Measurements

mCaliper transfers, processes, and visualizes measurement data collected with tools like digital calipers, micrometers

Published: Monday, July 23, 2018 - 12:00

(EngView Systems: Sofia, Bulgaria) -- EngView Systems has announced the release of a mobile cloud application for quality control in manufacturing. The new product, mCaliper, transfers, processes, and visualizes measurement data collected with manual measurement tools like digital calipers and micrometers, among others.

With the new release, the software company, which specializes in the development of measurement systems for the aluminum and PVC industries, solves the problem with no or little traceability of quality control data.

Manufacturers depend on quality control data to take key decisions for optimizing production quality and minimizing losses. Unfortunately more often than not, measurement data is only tracked on paper or not tracked at all, which leads to the absence of structured information that could be analyzed and reported to management, customers, or suppliers.

mCaliper is an innovative solution that adds traceability to measurements done with the most commonly used manual tools in manufacturing.

With the help of a mobile device connected to a digital caliper, micrometer, or another manual measurement instrument, all results are immediately stored in the cloud or on a local server.

Digital tools supported by mCaliper include calipers, micrometers, indicators, caliper bench tables, protractors, bore gauges, depth gauges, and feeler gauges. mCaliper works with various brands and makes of measurement tools.

The mobile application displays a CAD-driven measurement plan. It prompts, in a step-by-step sequence, the operator on which dimensions to control. The measurement instrument and the mobile device communicate via Bluetooth or USB. Measurement results are then stored in the cloud or on a locally installed server. The cloud solution processes and visualizes the data to serve the needs of quality control and production department leads. The system can then generate reports that can be sent to managers, customers, or suppliers to attest to the quality of production.

For more information about mCaliper, visit www.mcaliper.com.




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EngView Systems

EngView Systems is a software company that develops industrial applications for automation and data processing in manufacturing as well as CAD/CAM solutions for the packaging industry. EngView Systems is a long-term strategic software partner of the leading U.S. metrology company Quality Vision International. Among the company’s flagship products are EngView Package & Display Designer Suite, Scan Fit and Measure, the mCaliper measurement tracking solution, and Alex tool matching software.