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An advanced wireless data collection system for acquiring precision measurement data
All of the manufacturer’s X-ray sources are supported including rotating target technology and 450kV microfocus source
Ideal for measuring large components or multiple small components, quickly, easily, and accurately
Measure workpieces from 25 mm to 42.5 mm with a measuring range of ±100 µm and a repeatability of ≤0.1 µm
Contactless gauging system for measuring steel wire for tires, copper wire for electrical cables, CO2 welding wire, and more
Resolve CMM productivity issues with MetraSCAN-R BLACK|Elite, CUBE-R 3D, and digital twin environment software
Videos address common topics related to surface specification, measurement, and interpretation, in five minutes or less
Scan 99% of parts without touching the scanner exposure

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Hurco to Celebrate 50th Anniversary at IMTS 2018

Machine demos, technology previews, and a daily happy hour at booth No. 338319

Published: Monday, July 9, 2018 - 11:00

(Hurco: Indianapolis) -- Hurco will bring the party to McCormick Place to celebrate its 50th anniversary with customers, industry partners, and IMTS attendees. Hurco will feature its latest CNC technology innovation on its 50th Anniversary Edition CNC machines.

“IMTS is the perfect venue to celebrate all of our loyal customers and all of the people who have been a part of Hurco’s success these past 50 years to help us fulfill our founder’s mission to make manufacturing companies of all sizes more productive and more profitable,” says Maggie Smith, Hurco’s marketing manager. “We’ve designed the booth to honor our past while also celebrating the future with the latest technologies, including Industry 4.0, the internet of things (IoT), and the introduction of new control features, such as 3D Import.

“To honor the past, we will have the very first Hurco CNC machine model (KM1) on display, in addition to a timeline mural highlighting key events that have shaped Hurco,” Smith adds. “It’s fitting that our year-long celebration will culminate at IMTS, since our co-founder, Gerald Roch, exhibited the very first CNC machine at IMTS in 1974. As the inventor of conversational programming, his commitment to leverage technology that’s easy to use in order to make manufacturing more efficient continues to drive innovation at Hurco.”

In addition to plenty of machine demos and technology previews, Hurco will toast the company’s 50th anniversary with a happy hour each day at 4 p.m. and host a 50th anniversary after-hours party on Wed., Sept. 12, 2018, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Hurco booth (No. 338319).

“We’re excited to use our 50th anniversary IMTS events to showcase our customers who make some really cool products,” says Smith. “Beverages will be dispensed from a Bottoms Up Beer system, made by an Indiana company that is turning the beer industry upside down—literally! And our 50th anniversary IMTS gift was made by Eli Crane of Bottle Breacher, an Arizona customer. Crane used his winnings from the television show Shark Tank to buy his Hurco VM20i. He’s a Navy SEAL veteran who turned his hobby into a thriving business. We hope the owners of both Bottoms Up Beer and Bottle Breacher will be able to break away from their shops for a few days and celebrate with us at IMTS. Both companies are a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that is indicative of Hurco customers everywhere.”

The Hurco booth will be divided into four quadrants: Automation, Five-axis, Three-axis, and Turning. In the Automation quadrant, attendees will see Industry 4.0 and the internet of things (IoT) in action with Hurco CNC machine demonstrations in partnership with Erowa, Universal Robots, FANUC robots, Online Resources, and Industrial Controls & Automation.

The Five-axis quadrant will feature the latest five-axis models and CNC technology that make the transition from conventional three-axis machining to five-sided machining easy and straightforward.

The Three-axis quadrant will feature our most popular CNC machines, the VMX6030i and the new VMX42Di with the direct drive spindle.

In the Turning quadrant, attendees will see the latest control software release that streamlines turning and milling. Hurco will also premiere its 3D Import feature with 3D DXF.

In addition to the 50th anniversary parties and displays, Hurco will showcase the next generation 3D print-head adapter that was first introduced at IMTS 2016. The following Hurco CNC machines will be under power at the Hurco booth:
TMX10i Turning Center
TMX8MYSi Turning Center with Live Tooling and Sub-Spindle
VMX6030i/50T Flagship Series Vertical Mill
VMX60SRTi 5-Axis CNC Mill with Swivel Head Rotary Torque Table
VMX30Ui Trunnion Table 5-Axis Machining Center
VM10i Plus Trunnion Table 5-Axis Machining Center
VMX42Di Trunnion Table 5-Axis Machining Center
HM1700Ri Horizontal Mill with Rotary Table
VC500i 5-Axis CNC Mill with Cantilever Design
BX60i Double-Column Bridge Design Machining Center
HTL8 Lathe with 60-in. Travel in Z
VM30i with 3-Axis Machining Center with H200 Rotary Table

Hurco CNC machines will also be featured at two other IMTS sites. The VM5i will be at the AMT Emerging Technologies Center, and the BX40i will be at Hurco customer GWS Tool Group (booth No. 432480).


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Hurco provides unique, innovative software and CNC controls that help its customers maximize productivity through reduced setup time and multitasking on the shop floor. The company has been in business since 1968 with a focus on minimizing tedious and redundant tasks to simplify work so machinists can be more productive.