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HELLA Improves Cycle Time, Sees Under Six Month ROI With Drishti

Tier-one auto supplier increases throughput, reduces cycle times, improves employee ergonomics

Published: Monday, April 11, 2022 - 11:58

(Drishti Technologies: Mountain View, CA) -- Drishti Technologies, whose AI-powered manufacturing technology uses video analytics, data, and insights to bring significant benefits to manufacturers and their employees, and HELLA, a tier-one automotive supplier, has announced the latest in a joint effort to further increase operational efficiency with a second successful combined project in Dhankot, India. HELLA is an internationally positioned automotive supplier globally recognized for its lean practices and is committed to investing in the latest technologies to drive human productivity and improve manufacturing outcomes.

With Drishti cameras and streaming video analysis enabled on one of HELLA’s sensor product lines, the HELLA team made a series of previously concealed discoveries. First, the massive volume of cycle-time data available from Drishti quickly revealed slowdowns in stations that were not originally the focus of improvement efforts. Second, by watching video footage from the identified station, the team understood that the physical station configuration was slowing down the line associates.

In fact, the station setup was causing ergonomic concerns. Because the line associate was reaching with his right arm across to the left side of the station, each cycle required a twisting motion that led to fatigue.

“Because our focus had been on the station we thought was the bottleneck, we had overlooked this potential for slowdowns and fatigue,” says Ram Singh Khangarote, the operational excellence and operation product manager at HELLA Dhankot. “Within a few minutes of viewing the video footage from Drishti, our team had ideas to reconfigure the station to make it more comfortable for the line associates, and shortening every cycle time. And most important, our line associates are healthier, happier, and more productive.”

Finally, because the team in Dhankot learned the true cause of line slowdowns, they were able to improve line balancing. The Drishti investment paid for itself in less than six months.

“This is the second instance of finding significant improvement opportunities using Drishti,” says Huri Mendoza, head of operational excellence at HELLA. “In 2020, we reduced cycle times in our Guanajuato, Mexico, plant. Now we’re seeing value in Dhankot, as well.  Drishti’s technology perfectly complements our goal of achieving operational excellence by augmenting our extremely capable workforce and empowering them with the tools they need to perform their jobs even better.”

The Dhankot plant deployment is one of several ongoing collaborations between HELLA and Drishti. Drishti streams video at every station on a line, then uses proprietary AI networks to translate video streams into data, a technique called action recognition. The line-level data on cycles and actions help manufacturers improve productivity and quality while improving standardized work adherence.

“Drishti’s action-recognition technology provides manufacturers with a clear competitive edge, as they can see improvement opportunities on assembly lines that are otherwise hidden,” says Gary Jackson, CEO of Drishti. “HELLA’s success with Drishti is in line with what we’re seeing across the automotive industry, as well as in other verticals like electronics and medical devices. The future of automated video analysis, which creates insights on people at work, runs through Drishti.”

About Drishti

Drishti’s AI-powered video analytics technology augments human workers and provides visibility and insights that transform the pace and impact of manual assembly-line improvement. Manufacturers use Drishti to anchor true digital transformation, driving sweeping improvements in quality costs, efficiency gains, and time-to-proficiency for line associate training. And line associates rely on Drishti to be more consistent and efficient, helping them to become even more valuable on the factory floor. Drishti has been recognized as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and a Forbes AI 50 company, among others. For more information, visit drishti.com.


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