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GKS Expands Services in Minnesota

Published: Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 22:00

(GKS Inspection: Minneapolis)—GKS Inspection Services Inc., a global provider of dimensional measurement, 3-D laser scanning and terrestrial scanning services, has purchased a FARO portable CMM articulated arm for its Minneapolis office. GKS’ Michigan office already uses its four FARO arms to service its ever-growing customer base with large-part inspection as well as on-site laser scanning and dimensional inspection. Now Minnesota businesses will have the same access to timely and reliable on-site scanning, inspection and reverse-engineering services.

In addition to its new on-site service capabilities, the GKS Minnesota office will also be able to laser scan larger objects than ever before thanks to the large measuring envelope of the FARO arm. The Minnesota office will offer dimensional inspection services using a touch probe and CMM software for the first time.

The new 10-ft Platinum FARO arm is fully integrated with both a touch probe and a 3-D laser scanner. GKS’ system configuration includes FARO’s CAM2 measurement software and contact probes along with a Laser Design SLP-330 laser scanner and a high-end laptop, loaded with Geomagic Studio and Qualify software. Also, by switching in the SLP-2000 high-speed laser probe with a 8-in. (200-mm) long laser line and dual CMOS receptors, GKS can quickly and accurately scan larger parts faster than ever before. The dual receptors reduce the number of scanning passes because they capture much more part geometry per pass than single receptor laser probes. And by being able to travel directly to the customer site with the portable FARO system, GKS lowers the chance of having a part damaged in shipping.

Having a FARO arm in the Minnesota GKS office allows customers in the area to receive express, sometimes same-day service, without the part or the data ever having to leave the customer site. It also opens the region to large-part scanning and dimensional metrology services that haven’t been available in the past.

“With the acquisition of the portable FARO arm, we offer three new services to local customers,” comments Larry Carlberg, the GKS Minneapolis service bureau manager. “First, we can scan or inspect larger objects than ever before. Secondly, we can provide on-site services for the first time. And third, we now offer dimensional touch probe inspection services as a complement to our laser scanning services.”

For more information, visit www.gks.com.



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