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GelSight Wins Hexagon’s Second ‘Sixth Sense’ Cohort of Advanced Manufacturing Startups

Digital 3D touch sensor gains Hexagon’s support to scale and solve industry challenges

Published: Wednesday, February 22, 2023 - 11:59

(Hexagon: Cobham, Surrey, U.K.) -- Hexagon has announced the winner of the second cohort of its Sixth Sense open innovation platform, which nurtures startups creating solutions to pressing manufacturing challenges.

Hexagon is a global digital reality solutions provider with technology that empowers makers to design and manufacture better and more sustainable products. It launched the Sixth Sense open innovation platform in 2022 to support the growing demand for disruptive innovation in manufacturing. The platform offers business insight and access to experts and mentorship, as well as exposure to Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division’s global customer and partner base, which includes Audi, Airbus, Meta, and Zimmer Biomet.

GelSight won the competition following an intense 10-week program of product refinement and business development that culminated in a pitching competition at The Hague, Netherlands, where it presented their company and progress to a panel of judges representing experts in technology, investment, and Hexagon leadership.

As part of its winning package, GelSight will receive access to Hexagon’s customer base to expand its business and integrate with Hexagon products, as well as further resources to globalize.

“Many inspections in the industry today are still performed by an inspector simply looking at or touching a part to identify, and sometimes measure, a defect” says Youssef Benmokhtar, GelSight CEO. “This is a subjective, nonrepeatable, nontraceable process. Our gel material acts as artificial skin, providing extremely detailed and rapid surface characterization. We have digitized the entire workflow—our technology analyzes the readings to give users detailed 3D visualization with up to 5 million data points that can help automate processes, cutting costs and time. Working with Sixth Sense has been such a memorable experience. We are proud and humbled to have been chosen and are looking forward to the future with Hexagon. The real work starts now.”

3D-printing software startup CASTOR was selected as the runner-up. “Participating in the Sixth Sense cohort has provided us with an exceptional opportunity to take our business to new heights,” says Angeliki Malizou, CASTOR’s director of business development. “Our intelligent software analyzes thousands of parts at once and identifies opportunities where additive manufacturing makes sense, from a technical, economical, and sustainable point of view. Whether a company’s initiatives are cost reduction, sustainability, supply chain resilience, or others, we can help engineers to scale up their additive manufacturing journey. We look forward to furthering that journey with Hexagon.”

“The market is in a state of flux,” says Parth Joshi, chief product and technology officer for Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. “The industry is trying to contend with a shrinking global economy, sustainability requirements, and increasingly complex customer demands, which are all piling on the pressure. To us, however, this presents an opportunity. Constraints provide fertile ground for innovation, and startups know that better than anyone. In fact, the industry as a whole can benefit from the creativity and agility they bring to the innovation process, as demonstrated by the success of our cohorts. We are excited to continue working together with budding companies and will be recruiting for the next cohort soon.”

Hexagon would also like to congratulate the rest of the cohort for their impressive pitches and dedication to growth during the program. These innovative startups are 3YOURMIND, Augmentir, JITbase, oculavis, Threedy, and Teratonics.

To follow Sixth Sense, and learn about the ecosystem and opportunities for future participation, visit sixthsense.hexagon.com. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding the third cohort in the coming weeks.


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