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ForTest Announces Dual Absolute T8090 Standard Level Leak Tester

Conduct leak tests on an EV’s entire battery pack

Published: Monday, April 11, 2022 - 11:59

(ForTest: Modena, Italy) -- A world leader in leak-testing solutions, ForTest has launched Dual Absolute T8090, a revolutionary instrument to solve the testing problems in electric car equipment for improving their performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Many parts of an electric car, such as a battery, circuits, cooling systems, and packs, are prone to leaking. To prevent user dissatisfaction and potentially severe loss, these parts must be leak-proof. Off-road vehicles, in particular, require waterproof battery packs to avoid dust from infiltrating the components and generating performance and safety problems.

For car manufacturers and suppliers, leak testing of automobile parts to improve stability and efficiency has become an important aspect of the production system. With the rising demand for electric vehicles, it has become important to conduct more leakage testing on the whole battery pack and also on charging stations. Therefore, leak-test instruments for electric vehicle components must fulfill higher performance standards.

Dual Absolute T8090

To combat these problems, ForTest provides a combination of a traditional absolute-decay approach with the accuracy and sensitivity of a differential system: the new leak testing instrument Dual Absolute T8090 for automobiles.

Traditionally, for various electrical car components, pressure decay, classic differential, and visual testing methods are being used. However, these techniques could be slow, unreliable, and have battery pack and other components leaks that, if not detected, can cause major quality and safety issues.

The Dual Absolute T8090 technology can help double the production rate because it has a feature to test two components simultaneously, which cuts cycle time in half.

It’s important to conduct leak testing on an electric vehicle’s entire battery pack.

Uncompromising on quality, Dual Absolute T8090 has highly sensitive sensors for detecting faults and measurements as in a traditional differential system, and is even more beneficial for the automotive e-mobility sector. Due to its circuit optimization and efficient parts, it does not require periodic maintenance, which is necessary in traditional differential instruments. 

Traditional capacitive differential systems are sensitive to humidity that causes severe damage to both batteries and cost. But the solid-state measure (SSM) of the Dual Absolute T8090 measuring instrument is insensitive to humidity; therefore, it eliminates the need for costly, compressed air-filtering systems, which are required for traditional capacitive differential systems.

Battery Pack Automotive
EV batteries must pass two types of leak tests.

A battery pack must pass two types of leak testing to ensure its performance and stability. One evaluates the external chassis (IP68) hermeticity, and the other tests the interior cooling circuit of the battery. Using the Dual Absolute T8090 instrument, the first test is carried out at (50 mbar) pressure with a leak rate of 10 cc/min, and the second is carried out at (1 bar) pressure with a leak rate of 2 cc/min. The full-scale measurement of pressure up to 200-bar test is more than enough as compared to traditional limits of differential systems.

There is no expertise required for operating Dual Absolute T8090 instrument or understanding its design and functions because of its user-friendly interface. The Dual Absolute’s front panel is composed of a single sheet of hardened glass and aluminum that makes it easy to clean and appropriate for use in laboratories and on manufacturing lines for testing. The internal panels are well-organized, and the visual display was developed to show only important data.

The safety of measuring channels are ensured due to absolute decay circuits with inherent protection and channel cross-checking. Modern-production solenoid control valves create a 30-percent improvement in filling speed over traditional models while keeping the same level of reliability. The stability times of components are significantly improved due to the large scale of leak monitoring.

The modular structure of Dual Absolute T8090 also makes it unique in its features. It includes ports for USB slave, RS-232, RS-485, Profinet, EtherNet IP, and EtherCAT. A master USB connector is located on the front screen for connecting to a memory device to save test results, backup/restore settings, and update instrument programing. Thermal printers, barcode scanners, and markers are all instantly connected through an internal interface.

It eliminates any problem of thermal or mechanical drift in the reference part of electric cars, and all the measurements have been stored so as not to stress the sample or alter the measurements. Dual Absolute T8090 can make infinite measurements without drift due to thermal and mechanical variations. All measurements are always accurate even in extreme conditions.

About ForTest

ForTest is a leading solution provider that drives societal and industrial transformations toward a more effective and sustainable future. ForTest takes great care in the design and construction of its leak-testing and flow-testing equipment. The company is fast, efficient, reliable, and traceable. The new “T” Series takes leak testing technology to new levels. Not only is ForTest devoted to supplying the most advanced instruments on the market, but the company’s whole strategy keeps moving, as it aims to establish synergy with its customers to give turnkey solutions tailored to their specific requirements.


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