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Field Inspection Management Digitizes Inspection Processes in Minutes

Digitizing allows visibility across inspection teams to collaborate and reduce improvement time

Published: Monday, April 18, 2022 - 11:59

(Fulcrum: St. Petersburg, FL) -- Fulcrum has added intelligent team automation capabilities to its Field Inspection Management platform. Intelligent team automation delivers a way for safety, quality, and maintenance inspection teams to improve productivity, operational excellence, and organization-wide performance at scale.

Fulcrum’s intelligent team automation capabilities include a complete framework for managing issues and tasks, and represents the industry’s first lightly configurable solution for streamlining safety, quality, and maintenance inspections at scale. Intelligent team automation will transform the way safety, quality, and maintenance teams perform inspections, with enhanced functionality to:
• Streamline inspections on day one by automating inspection processes out of the box and at scale
• Unify inspection teams while optimizing each role, using performance dashboards and end-to-end inspection program visibility
• Gain actionable inspection insights throughout the organization by using a single, unified view across teams and projects 

By digitizing their inspection processes, Fulcrum enables organizations to get complete, end-to-end visibility across all inspection teams, which promotes collaboration and reduces remediation time. Insights generated from Fulcrum-based inspection processes help teams demonstrate their safety and quality posture. This improves their ability to negotiate insurance contracts, land new customers, and provide essential information to regulators and third parties, as well as to take actions and make better decisions based on events and trends.

Larger organizations in construction, engineering, utilities, and other industries will particularly benefit from the new “public issues” capability, which allows anyone onsite to report a hazard or other issue in real time just by scanning a QR code from their mobile device, without downloading any software. This enables a “see it, report it” approach to safety and quality issue reporting across entire worksites.

“Fulcrum has been our go-to field inspection management platform for years now, and this release raises the bar for team management,” says Chris Agneta, who manages field technology to provide planning, mapping, and design services for fiber, cable, and utility companies at Precision Valley Communications of Vermont. “I think the new out-of-the-box issue and task management framework is really going to empower companies of all sizes to deploy a scalable issue-tracking and resolution framework without the need for developing complicated data models or automation. The addition of intelligent team automation to the Fulcrum platform will enable companies to shorten deployment timelines while reducing costs, which will help them execute high-quality work in a safer environment.”

“New government investment in infrastructure, increasing maintenance costs, government oversight, and labor challenges are driving demand for digitized safety and quality inspections,” says Fulcrum CEO Jim Grady. “By creating the platform needed to manage teams for safety and quality inspections, we’re delivering unprecedented service to a large and growing, but historically underserved, market.”

For more information about Fulcrum Field Inspection Management platform with intelligent team automation, visit the blog on fulcrumapp.com.

About Fulcrum

Fulcrum’s mission is to improve the way field teams work by automating inspection processes to ensure safer, higher quality, and compliant outcomes. We are committed to empowering field teams every day with our next-gen Field Inspection Management platform that improves team performance and safety, keeps projects on track, and eliminates regulatory compliance headaches. For more information visit fulcrumapp.com.


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