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Catherine Cooksey
Ensuring that measurements aid the broader industrial and scientific communities that depend on them
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They can quickly learn to optimize building microclimates for both energy consumption and user preference
Loretta Marie Perera
3D scanning and printing an impossible-to-find, 100-year-old distributor cap
NVision Inc.
Laser scans of large and small surfaces performed in just three days
Douglas Allen
Removing the random noise component from the observation, leaving the signal component

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Metrology News
Designed for precise measurement of form, featuring new levels of flexibility and speed
Single- and three-axis shop-floor dimensional measuring machines for industrial manufacturers
Precision optical instrument helps ventilator maker increase specialty valve production in response to shortage
Allows team to focus on quality control in dimensional measurements and overall machining process
Contactless sensors measure rotating shafts in industrial benchtop and test and measurement applications
3DCS Design Variation Analyst, 3DCS Viewer, and 3DCS Mechanical Variation Modeler create a scalable solution to tolerance analysis and simulation
Operators can monitor full process, including cooling cycle, which can be altered to change the microstructure of parts to suit needs
Infrared cameras, structured light scanning, and electron imaging provide extensive and detailed data on every part

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Endevco Expands European Customer Support Capabilities

Published: Wednesday, February 9, 2005 - 22:00

Endevco has opened a European customer service center in an effort to expand its global customer care. The new office, located in Germany, will be the center of European operations for the company and will service its existing offices in the U.K., France and Spain. A major focus of the center will be program and solution support for major OEMs in the automotive, aerospace and military market segments.

“This announcement reflects Endevco’s commitment to providing our European customers with the resources, flexibility and expert staff they need to maximize their investment in our test and measurement solutions,” says Rob Meyer, Endevco’s president. “By providing our customers with direct access to Endevco, they will benefit from faster response times, more technical interaction and a deeper understanding of the various solutions available to them.”

Endevco is a designer and manufacturer of instrumentation for vibration, shock and pressure measurement. For more information, visit www.endevco.com.


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