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DWFritz Metrology Demonstrates ZeroTouch Rotational Metrology Platform

Precise, high-speed inspection system makes automotive component production go faster

Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2023 - 11:59

(DWFritz Metrology: Wilsonville, OR) -- DWFritz Metrology, a leading global provider of high-precision inspection and metrology solutions for advanced manufacturing, held a demonstration of new capabilities on the ZeroTouch Rotational Metrology Platform at the 2023 Control Show in Stuttgart, Germany, May 9–12. DWFritz Metrology is a subsidiary of DWFritz Automation, which was acquired by the Sandvik Group in 2021.

ZeroTouch ZTR is a noncontact, high-speed inspection platform designed to simultaneously capture and measure multiple features for parts such as rotors, stators, and brake disks at the micron level. An innovative, production-ready system, ZTR functions in manual or fully automatic mode and can be configured for in-line or near-line use. The system has a footprint that supports a wide range of part dimensions and weights.

“We are very excited to continue to optimize our ZeroTouch product portfolio. With the recent growth in the EV market, I believe that ZTR is perfectly suited for many inspection and quality applications that will allow our customers to rapidly qualify their parts during the production process while accelerating their time to market and revenues”, says Dave Mendez, vice president of the ZeroTouch business unit. “Furthermore, our acquisition by Sandvik provides us with a much larger global footprint, which will allow us to serve the global market better,” Mendez says.

ZeroTouch ZTR captures and analyzes millions of data points in 60 seconds or less. The versatile system combines multiple noncontact sensors in a unique architecture that allows the measurement and inspection of the entire part surface, generating a high-density, micron-level point cloud. ZTR inspects all critical-to-quality (CTQ) measurements in seconds vs. traditional tactile methods without requiring developer coatings to capture data from shiny surfaces.

Click here to view a video of ZeroTouch ZTR measuring an EV stator.


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