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Brunson Rolls Out Rock Steady Line of Mobile Metrology Stands

Redesigned family of heavy-duty shop stands delivers unprecedented metrology instrument mobility

Published: Monday, January 23, 2023 - 12:01

(Brunson Instrument Co.: Kansas City, MO) -- In response to evolving customer requirements, Brunson Instrument Co. has redesigned its legacy heavy-duty metrology stand series.

Featuring a distinctive claw-foot tribrach base and large, 5-in. dual-wheel casters, the new Rock Steady line will roll unimpeded over power cords and smoothly traverse most floor tracks, thresholds, and uneven factory floors.

Each stand in the new Rock Steady line features a patented “hidden trivet.” The stand is in the mobile position (right), with wheels engaged, as the trivet stays out of harm’s way. With a push of the foot pedal, the wheels rise (left), and the trivet is engaged for measuring. Hand-controlled knobs provide simple, precise leveling adjustments to the trivet’s floor contact.

“We listen carefully to our customers, and they spurred this redesign—the Rock Steady’s large casters and patented ‘hidden trivet’ design deliver a new level of mobility for heavy-duty metrology stands,” says Mark Meuret, Brunson’s director of engineering.

The stand’s three trivets, which provide ground contact during critical measurements, nest in a recessed position between the dual-wheel casters when the wheels are engaged. This innovative design effectively eliminates a source of potential floor contact and damage.

“The new Rock Steady stand, of course, required rigorous testing, ensuring we are meeting or exceeding the sturdiness required in metrology applications,” Meuret says.

Dynamic product testing included a stability test for deflection, with the Rock Steady stands easily withstanding significant moment loads from the largest CMM arms. The stands were also tested with a wide variety of laser trackers to ensure they would effectively dampen instrument vibration. In addition, the stands were crash-tested to ensure worker safety and dynamic stability.

Roll unimpeded, smoothly traverse power cords and most floor tracks, thresholds, and uneven factory floors with the new Brunson Rock Steady stand series.

The redesigned Rock Steady stands represent the latest evolution of the Brunson line known previously as the “230” series. Like its predecessor, the Rock Steady line features best-in-class metrology stability supporting a complete range of precision instruments, an air-cushioned telescoping tube to protect critical instruments, and unmatched durability and product quality.

And, like all Brunson products, the new stand line was cycle tested to ensure durability over the long term. “We hear it all the time from our customers: A Brunson stand will last forever,” says Meuret. “Our demanding new-product testing is the main reason for this success over the long term.”

Brunson offers a complete range of eight highly specialized heavy-duty stands in the new Rock Steady line, each meeting unique metrology applications. The eight configurations include four adjustable stands: the Rock Steady Tall, Medium, Short, and Extra Short. The line also includes more modestly priced fixed stands with heights of 6 in, 24 in, 36 in., and 48 in. above the factory floor. Full specifications and a complete line of stand accessories can be found at brunson.us.

Left to right: The Rock Steady Short (RS-231); the Rock Steady Fixed 36 in (RS-F-36); and the Rock Steady Tall (RS-230). Three additional fixed stands (6 in., 24 in., and 48 in.) and two adjustable stands, the Rock Steady Medium (RS-233), and the Rock Steady Extra Short (RS-231-MOD), complete the product line.


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