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AW-Lake Introduces Pelton Wheel High Temp Turbine Flow Meter

Measures ultra-high temp oils in heating and cooling circuit systems

Published: Tuesday, January 25, 2022 - 12:14

(AW-Lake: Oak Creek, WI) -- AW-Lake Company introduces the TRP Pelton Wheel High Temp Turbine Flow Meter specifically designed to monitor and control the cooling and process efficiency of high and ultra-high temperature oil used in heating and cooling circuits.

Maintaining ideal temperatures is imperative in metal die-casting to control metal solidification, improve casting quality and decrease cycle times. A combination of heating and cooling circuits controls the die temperature during the production process. Hot oil often is used as the heating method to achieve a uniform temperature, especially in the upper part of the die. With accuracies of 2.5% and repeatability of 0.5% the TRP Pelton Wheel High Temp Turbine Flow Meter provides cost effective measurement of oil volume flow rates in heating and cooling circuits, even in the toughest applications with contaminated or extremely hot media.

AW-Lake Pelton flow meter

The TRP Pelton Wheel High Temp Turbine Flow Meters offers four flow ranges of 75 to 7.5 gpm, 2.5 to 25 gpm, 4 to 40 gpm, 8 to 75 gpm across all meter sizes from ½” to 1”. Media temperature range for non ex zones is -76°F to 662°F (-60 to 350°C) and -4°F to 464°F (-20 to 240°C) for ex zones. The Turbine Flow Meters can tolerate operating pressure up to 290 psi (20 bar) A 303 stainless steel housing enables the Pelton Wheel High Temp Turbine Flow to accurately measure contaminated and high temperature media with high reliability and long service life.

The Pelton Wheel High Temp Turbine Flow Meters are the latest addition to AW Lake’s portfolio of High Temperature Variable Area Flow Meters that offers an output for flow data transmission to a PC, PLC, or control room.

For more information on the Pelton Wheel High Temp Turbine Flow Meter, visit https://aw-lake.com/product/trp-hi-temp-turbine-flow-meter/ or contact Marcia Reiff, Director of Marketing Communications, at 800-850-6110, e-mail mreiff@aw-lake.com.

About AW-Lake company

AW-Lake, a TASI Group company, is a leading North American design, manufacturing and service company of flow measurement technology for the fluid control needs of various industries, including oil & gas, chemical processing, paints & coatings, hydraulics & pneumatics, food processing, and fluid power. As part of the TASI Group’s Flow Segment, which also includes Air Monitor, EXACT Dispensing Systems, Fox Thermal, Greyline, KEM-Kueppers, LitreMeter, Onicon, Pulsar Process Measurement, Seametrics, Sierra and Vogtlin Instruments, AW-Lake services and distributes an extensive portfolio of flow measurement instrumentation throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. For information, please contact Marcia Reiff, Marketing Director, at 800-850-6110, e-mail mreiff@aw-lake.com, or visit AW-Lake’s Web site at www.aw-lake.com.

About the TASI Group

The TASI Group of companies is comprised of four technologically advanced product platforms commonly linked by a disciplined focus on Product Integrity, Package Integrity, Automation, and Flow. Each TASI company delivers products and services to today’s world manufacturing environments, focusing on Automotive, Medical Devices, Oil and Gas, Plastic Containers, Consumer and General Industrial markets.


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