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Agilent Technologies and Davis Calibration

Agilent Technologies and Davis Calibration’s default image


Agilent, Davis Calibration Partner for Onsite Services

Partnership provides one-stop shop for calibration services.

Published: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 - 13:32

(Agilent Technologies Inc.: Santa Clara, CA) -- Agilent Technologies Inc., a leading test and measurement equipment manufacturer, has entered into a long-term agreement with Davis Calibration, a third-party calibration services provider, to provide high-quality calibration services for a wide range of test and measurement equipment, addressing greater than 90 percent of customer needs onsite. The companies will provide these services—covering greater than 80,000 individual model numbers—from more than 35 locations in the United States and Canada.

In today's economic environment, companies are looking to reduce the complexity and cost associated with the calibration and maintenance of test equipment. An effective way to do this is to use a single-source provider for calibration services. By focusing on a single supplier with the capability to perform the work on site, the costs associated with test equipment downtime, shipping and handling, order processing, calibration data retrieval, asset service history, and issue resolution are significantly reduced. However, choosing a single-source calibration supplier who can cover the breadth and complexity of test instruments from various manufacturers has been a challenge—until now.

Agilent has always provided calibration services for its own wide range of test and measurement, but "customers wanted us to expand our capability to address calibration of other manufacturers and types of test equipment without diminishing the convenience, quality, and consistency they've come to expect," says Steve Aleshire, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Americas Service Operation  

Services from both companies are ISO 17025-accredited and include the full range of calibration offerings required by commercial and government entities. Calibration capabilities cover electrical from DC to optical, flow, pressure, mass, temperature, and other physical/dimensional products.

Agilent and Davis Calibration service account representatives will work together to provide a customized service solution to match specific customer needs.

For more information, visit www.agilent.com and www.daviscalibration.com.


About The Author

Agilent Technologies and Davis Calibration’s default image

Agilent Technologies and Davis Calibration

Agilent is committed to providing innovative measurement solutions that enable our customers and partners to deliver the products and services that make a measurable difference in the lives of people everywhere.

Davis Calibration is a worldwide leader in the calibration, repair and certification of test, measurement, and control instruments.