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3-D Verification of Propeller Dimensions

Published: Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - 21:00

(Metron: Seattle, Washington) -- McCauley Propeller Systems, a manufacturer of aircraft propellers, recently installed and began using an automated laser-scanning system from Metron Systems. The system allows McCauley to rapidly confirm the 3-D quality of propellers, thereby decreasing inspection time and increasing the quality of the company’s manufacturing processes.

Previous methods that McCauley used for determining whether an airfoil was within specification took more than an hour per blade. The current process, using the Metron G2 laser-scanning system, takes less than six minutes and gathers significantly more useful data. This rapid characterization of complex airfoil surfaces allows McCauley to reduce inspection costs, increase inspection accuracy, and improve the production process.

“The Metron laser-scanning system has exceeded our expectations,” says Steve Reynolds, quality manager at McCauley. “The Metron team has been very responsive to our requirements and supportive of our verification process.”

Metron Systems Inc. can be found on the Web at metronsys.com . To visit McCauley Propeller Systems’ Web site visit www.mccauley.textron.com/home.html.


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