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Krohne Announces H250/M40 Variable Area Flowmeters for Oil and Gas Applications

Ideal for measuring corrosion, scale, hydrate-inhibitors, and more

Published: Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 15:23

(KROHNE: Peabody, MA) -- KROHNE has announced the H250 Variable Area Flowmeter with M40 Indicator, which combines proven flow measurement with the latest communication capabilities like Foundation Fieldbus. The H250/M40 is ideal for flow measurement applications in the oil and gas industries when costs and reliability are a factor.

With a flanged size range from 1⁄2 in. to 6 in., the flowmeters can handle all of the unique specification requirements and documentation of the oil and gas industry. The H250 combined with the M40 Indicator is ideal for measuring corrosion, scale, or hydrate-inhibitors, demulsifiers, methanol, MEG, fuel gas, and nitrogen.

The flowmeter’s sturdy all-metal design ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature, and media, and stands up to the extreme application and environmental conditions found in the oil and gas industry. The product’s innovative construction allows end users a free choice of intrinsically safe or flameproof design. The M40 Indicator allows for simple, low-cost installation, and is capable of measuring and displaying without an auxiliary power supply.

The H250/M40 gives end users the broadest choice of outputs and display options of any competing product, and is available with an optional protective coating of the measuring tube and/or housing for offshore applications.


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KROHNE is a worldwide technological leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of accurate, reliable, and cost-effective measuring instruments for the process industries. KROHNE focuses on forming partnerships with its customers to provide them with the most reliable and innovative solutions available in the marketplace. For more information about KROHNE’s complete line of measuring instrumentation for the process industries, contact KROHNE at 1-800-FLOWING (978-535-6060 in MA); fax: (978) 535-1720, email: info@KROHNE.com, Twitter, Facebook, or visit www.us.krohne.com.