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Coordinate Metrology Society Changes Conference Name

CMS realigns its brand as it expands membership offerings

Published: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 10:34

(CMS: Weatherford, TX) -- The Executive Board of the Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS), the eminent membership association for measurement professionals, has changed the name of its Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC). The new name of the event is the Coordinate Metrology Society Conference. While the society retains the CMSC acronym, it has changed the “Systems” component to “Society” to realign the conference name with the organization.

The CMSC originated more than three decades ago in 1984 as industrial metrologists began to have different needs and goals from geospatial metrology users. The annual conference has provided a well-respected forum for the open exchange of ideas, problem-solving, and showcasing technology advancements through technical paper presentations and interaction with experts in the exhibition hall.

The CMS membership is composed of 3D portable metrologists, OEMs, and software systems and service companies. The organization has significantly expanded its membership offerings and benefits during the past seven years. By working closely with technology providers and users, the organization’s certification committee has created and expanded a unique CMS Certification Program for the professional development of its global membership.

The society has also teamed with University of North Carolina at Charlotte to form a consortium for large-scale, precision manufacturing innovation (CLPMI) that is supported by an AmTech grant. This group will identify and prioritize the technology needs of the aerospace, defense, energy, and other industries that manufacture large-scale, high-accuracy parts and products.

“The conference name change represents the evolution of the Coordinate Metrology Society as an organization that offers not only a conference to its membership, but also personal advancement and career-enhancement programs and opportunities,” says 2016 CMSC Chair Rina Molari-Korgel. “Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders, the CMS Certification Program, and the new AmTech CLPMI project are engaging and supporting our professional community in new and exciting ways. We are more dedicated than ever to advancing the knowledge and careers of our CMS members.”


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The Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS)—presenter of the Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC)—is comprised of users, service providers, and OEMs of close-tolerance, industrial coordinate measurement systems, software, and peripherals. The metrology systems represented at the annual CMSC include articulated-arm CMMs, laser trackers, laser radar, photogrammetry and videogrammetry systems, scanners, indoor GPS, and laser projection systems. The CMS gathers each year to gain knowledge of the advancements and applications of any measurement system or software solution that produces and uses 3D coordinate data.